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"Film is a disease. When it infects your bloodstream it takes over as the number one hormone. It bosses the enzymes, directs the pineal gland, plays Iago to your psyche. As with heroin, the antidote to Film is more Film." - Frank Capra

South Park was one of my watches for this countdown. It wasnít in any danger of making my list but I liked it way more than expected. Pretty witty, fun songs, and Cartmanís voice is about the only thing I ever liked from the show. He definitely makes me chuckle.

I highly doubt I will be able to keep up with this list the way I have the last couple. I will give it a go through, and I will start tonight with The Lady Eve.

I like Sturges well enough of the 3 I've seen and I really liked Stanwyck in this one. It's a solid film, but I think I prefer the other 2 of his that I have seen.

South Park does nothing for me, quite a cringe movie and I hate that damn Uncle ****er song.

Never seen The Lady Eve but Stanwyck + Fonda so instantly watch-listed..
I have no problem with South Park making the list..
No votes this round..

Seen: 2/4

Ballot: 0/25

Failed predictions made: 4/4


I love The Lady Eve, especially the part on the boat. It starts to lose me a little when she pretends to be someone else in order to get to Fonda.
I haven't seen the South Park movie but I do enjoy the tv show.
I don't think either of these was on my list but I know another Preston Sturge film, The Palm Beach Story is. I love Mary Astor as the wacky heiress and the scene where Colbert charms the Hot Dog King.

Okay, quick-and-dirty version should be working on mobile. I'll tweak it around the margins to look a little nicer soon, but should get the job done for now.

Don't know where you pulled that info from but it is incorrect. Marge was always scripted as pregnant and McDormand was not actually pregnant while filming.

Sorry. I'll take more care in where I get my information.

Trivia for Fargo from Moviefone

Distributor Gramercy drummed up interest among critics with a promotional gift: a snow globe encasing a diorama of the wood chipper scene, complete with bloody red flakes that would scatter when you shook the globe. By the way, the Fargo, N.D. visitor's center claims to have the wood chipper from the film on display, and tourists can pose for pictures with the prop and a mannequin leg sticking out of it.

So I took the time to watch the South Park movie during work today (god I love WFH) and I have to say it did almost nothing for me. I’ve maybe seen 20 episodes of the show in my life and it was worse than most of those. I was practically waiting for it to be over .. but to each their own.

Yeah, there's no body mutilation in it

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Small request. Can we link the movies on the first page for the list. Makes it a bit easier finding them in the chaos that are these countdown threads.
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Huh. Guess I need to check out this Preston guyÖ

Anyway, as for South Park, never cared for it in any shape or form. Donít really find it funny or interesting. I donít think Iíve ever seen a full episode. Itís really not my style. So yeah, if getting through an episode is hard, I sure havenít tried giving the movie a chance.

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I watched the South Park movie back when it came out. It had its funny moments but wasn't nearly as good as the first few seasons of South Park. It wasn't as witty or relevant as the TV series had been at that point...The movie was Bigger and Longer, which didn't equate to Better for me

Haven't seen The Lady Eve.

The South Park movie restored my faith in movies a few hours after Wild Wild West crushed it, so there's that. Did it make my list? Nah, it's been forever since I've seen it. But its mix of satire and sophomoric humor hit the spot for me, then (unlike Team America, which seemed more interested in crossing lines than in being funny). Not sure how well it'd play now.

Top 100 Comedies in order.

* I posted the first four out of order.
100. Lady Eve
99 Sullivan's Travels
98. South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut

97 Fargo
Wow, what a strong start to this list.

The Lady Eve is a great film, and I think Sullivan's Travels is even better. I strongly considered it for my list and this is a reminder that I need to watch more Preston Sturges.

I only recently started watching any South Park but have seen and enjoyed the film.

Fargo is great and I enjoy the dark comedic elements but I didn't think about it for my personal list because there are many films a lot funnier for me. I think it's fitting that it gets a place low down.

Stroszek was my #25 and I'm shocked nobody else included it although it doesn't get talked about much. A truly one of a kind film that I ought to revisit actually. I loved it when I watched it. A morbid fact but it's the last film Ian Curtis (Joy Division) watched before he killed himself.

Edit: I also strongly considered Brewster McCloud for the bottom of my list, one of the most underappreciated Altman films. I need to rewatch Short Cuts but it never stayed in my mind as a comedy. I included one of his films on my list without giving anything away, a few were in contention.

My prediction is we get a Tarantino film next.

Iím going to guess Bridesmaids will be 96 and Ace Ventura will be 95. These are wild guesses based on nothing.

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Weekend at Bernie's was mine, at #25.
The climax is one of the most creative, and funny, things I've ever seen in a movie. Bernie also reminds me a lot of Tony Stark.... when he's alive, that is.
Boldly going.

The Lady Eve was a cute comedy, although there are a dozen+ funnier screwball comedies. It was obviously another plum for Barbara S., who had gotten very popular by 1941. I've seen it several times, and enjoyed it, although I rather wearied of Henry Fonda playing another schlemiel. Additionally, minor pluses for me were Eugene Pallette and Charles Coburn, who I never get tired of seeing.

I haven't seen the South Park movie. I tried to like their TV series, but as much as I enjoyed the show's iconoclasm, I just couldn't enjoy the little cartoon characters.

Just watched The Lady Eve. I wouldn't put it in my top 25, but I would probably put it in my top 100. I thought it wasn't as funny as it was well-plotted. But there;s definitely good humor here, because what makes The Lady Eve work is that most characters are at least partly a screwball, as opposed to having one or two people getting into screwball situations.

Seen 2/4.

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I think The Lady Eve is all Stanwyck. Well, if you've seen it that's pretty obvious. She's kills in that film (and many others).
And that's the movie that made me question whether I even like Fonda as an actor.