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I know. I hated that they did away with the Star Wars Expanded Universe. There were so many characters created for that ie Mara Jade, Corran Horn, Kyle Katarin and Revan to name but a few. They could have made an amazing sequel trilogy with EU characters rather than Rey, Po and Finn. Heck they could have started a new trilogy with the Old Republic such as in the games as there were thousands of years worth of lore to draw upon or to create new stories for a new generation.
Yea now everything feels like characters we know and characters that feel like they've been thought up in 5 minutes with no backstory.

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"The Jedi are finished." - Obi-Wan

"Luke must be trained as a Jedi!" - Obi-wan

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Oh gosh, they tried to make him "young". He's such a terrible actor. I guess I would feel the same if they CGI'd him.

I hope you don't mean Ewan MacGregor. He's a splendid actor.
No. It's someone on the new episode. I have never been a fan of the actor. Everything I have seen them in, they were just terrible.

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The writing on this show is unbelievably poor. Even episodes that are supposed to be hugely climactic are unprecedentedly dull and misdirected... Yeesh....

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I don't care what y'all had to say, I enjoyed it all!

The little Leia did remind me of Padame and bigger Leia.