MoFo Fantasy Baseball 2021 - Regular Season


Yeah, not sure. I know Yahoo's numbers are kind of weird, they keep up preseason rankings (which themselves are just guesses) in weird places for some reason, too. I doubt they're league-specific, either.

That said, they can definitely do some pretty straightforward math on how much a player contributed relative to a) their position and b) the league as a whole that year, which I think is what the Player Rater does.

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Well crap. Last week, it seemed like my team might wake up and pull me up into third place. Alas, they went dormant in the final week, and I sank to 5th. Pretty sure I called that exact placing at the start of the season...
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Great year and game everyone! Think I had the worst start I can remember. Was all the way down to 45 points at one point. Came all the way back to get number 4! Now I too... need one for my thumb!
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So, if the Astros win the world series this year. What are all the folks gonna say that accused them of cheating I wonder? Is all forgotten?

Can't believe how long I've been complaining about umpires and the need to delete them from the game. Didn't actually see the check swing but I don't need to. That is not a call a guy 90 feet away should making. Baseball's refusal to enter the modern age just continues to cost itself new fans and old ones alike.

If the Astros win the World Series I'll still dislike them for cheating. It would complicate things for silly people who thought "they only ever won because they cheated" was ever a reasonable take, but for anyone comfortable with the nuance of "they were a good team that also cheated," no big deal.

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It’s a shame that they cheated, because they didn’t need to. They were talented enough. And it’s a shame because I always rooted for them during those title runs.
That said, I’m still rooting for them over Boston, so the Dodgers can, perhaps, have a chance for revenge in the WS.
Imagine the story line for that!
And imagine the insane level of heckling that would await Houston each time they traveled to LA.

Yeah, it's clear cheating has no real correlation with skill. Just with competitiveness. The older I get the more I think of hyper competitive people as just fundamentally and tragically unhappy.

They were one of my favorite teams, as well, before the scandal broke.

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I'm the only one popping in for a comment on the Braves' win last night? And you call yourself baseball fans!!
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That elusive hide-and-seek cow is at it again
I didn’t watch it much, but that was because I expected the Astros to win.

In football related news, Rodgers is the latest Green Bay player to test positive for COVID and will miss this weeks game against KC.

I have Rodgers in my other league.
other league threads thattaway -->

but yeah, I assumed the Astros would win too. I didn't watch any of it, but would check the scores and was surprised. Having just started watching baseball a few months back with the Astros, I was kind of sad to see the loss, but the Braves are only a few hours away and across a state line so that's not too bad I suppose.

My parents took me to a home game once when I was little ( < 5yo ) that I barely remember. I might have gone a second time in high school with a marching band field trip or something. The only thing I remember from that one was one of the younger kids blowing his money on stupid paraphernalia, then having nothing left for the rest of the trip. I'll be honest. I'm not even sure it was a Brave's game. Might not have even been a baseball game, but I'm going to assume it was.

That elusive hide-and-seek cow is at it again
This is what happens when I wake up after having little sleep…..
*sheep. little sheep.

(couldn't help myself)