MoFo Fantasy Football 2019 - The Regular Season


Adam officially takes it home. Congrats on his first title!

Some fun facts:
  • It's the first time since 2014 the top scoring team also won the title.
  • His 138.62 is the 15th-highest playoff score in league history, and the third-highest MoFo Bowl score in the 12 years we've been had them.
  • If PW had gotten that last catch outta Michael Thomas last week, we would've had an insane 138-135 finals.
The score was right in line with this from the preview, too:

Consistent, too, in that he's topped 130 points in eight of his 14 matchups. You heard that right: he's statistically been a little more likely to finish over 130 than under.
But lest we think fantasy football ever makes too much sense...
other than that the matchups are all middling-to-good, with Sutton having the juiciest looking one, at least on paper.
The big question is just how much Hopkins is going to destroy Tampa
The two receivers with the best matchups were the biggest disappointments. Sometimes it feels like football is just mixing things up so none of us get complacent.

I honestly thought Mike Boone would score 20+ on Monday night, making the final score more respectable. I mean, he turned 13 carries into 56 yards and 2 TDs the week before after Cook exited the game, so with a projected 20+ touches against a not-so-great run defense, it seemed logical. Instead he was a complete flop.

I think Lamar Jackson was just teasing all his fantasy opponents by waiting almost the entire first half before doing anything of note. I think he had like 2.5 points close to halftime, allowing me to get my hopes up. Then in the blink of an eye he had 20+, eventually finishing with 35. The craziest thing is that he wasn't even the highest-scoring QB on Adam's team!

I knew chances were slim after Hopkins only scored 4.8 against the most generous pass defense. Not having Derrick Henry was also a heavy blow. Starting Perriman, Dion Lewis and Mike Boone in a championship game definitely wasn't my plan a few weeks ago. I'm not bummed about losing, though. I got lucky as hell in the semi-finals, so I felt like I was fortunate to even be in the championship game. At least I got my trophy last year to keep myself from turning into the 90's Buffalo Bills, and my streak of championship game appearances remains intact, although I wish my record was better than 1-3.

Congrats to WhenTheLe'VeonBreaks. The team with Lamar Jackson won the championship in my other league, as well. I hate that the season is already over. It feels like our Movie Forums league has gotten more challenging with each season. Just making the playoffs is an accomplishment due to the savviness of the owners. Hopefully everyone returns for another fun and competitive season next year!

Eh. They're obviously deliberately excluding yardages, which was where he really shined: in those same 10 games, three were for 400 or more yards, and he failed to top 300 only once. He also had a rushing score and a couple hundred yards rushing.

That said, we do have INTs at -2 instead of the default -1 and I think that's definitely better.