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Hey there, I'm new.


So yeah, I'm new. I chose my nickname because surprise surprise, I live in Boston. I love reviewing movies, and I've been told pretty much my entire life that if I could get payed to do it, then I should do it. I've been a huge movie fan since I was a kid, so yeah. Thanks for reading, and I'm glad to be a MoFo.

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Greetings, Mr. Boston! I've read your first review, and it is good.

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Welcome to the board, again!

As I said before, nice review. Keep them coming!

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Hi there and welcome to MoFo...
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Welcome. I look forward to reading your work.
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dude. welcome! There's no money in that I'm aware of, but you shall be paid with lots of appreciation, moderate criticism, and all around good will. And if you give my movie a bad review, I shall......I shall flog you! with WORDS!

no seriously, though - welcome aboard.
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