As a cloggwearing, tuliploving and cheese-eating dutchie I was kind of shocked that I wasnt able to find any topic about Fitna on the forums.

Dutch politician Geert Wilders recently released his longexpected and seriously threatening movie. I got online and watched it, and found myself very disappointed.
Wilders had been bragging about this movie so long, and polls suggested that the release of Fitna would increase the chance of a terrost attack in Holland. But what this movie really showed was a narrow-minded, small part of the Islam.

Ofcourse there are terrorist Muslims, but for every terrorist, there are thousands of normal Muslims. Ofcourse the Quran has some very violating Suras in it, but that is just a part of it.

I know my topic sounds a bit crappy right now, but i was surprised that there was no talk of it whatsoever (or ive been blind) And i dont just want to talk about the 'movie' but about the political part, the impact.

So, share please, because its getting late and i need to go to bed
I Amsterdam

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