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Hi. I'm Cora, i'm 16, from Holland. Still in school (5th grade Gymnasium, yep, 2 years and im done) I enjoy girlssoccer, judo and tennis, next to iceskating, skiing and surfing once in a while. I play the guitar, acoustic and electric.
I adore Santana, Iron Maiden, Anouk and some other bands and preformers.
Ehm. i look like..... me for the better part i guess, blue eyes that love to change colour once in a while, brown hair that somehow looks blonde occasionally. im (very) tall 1.80 m (thats about 6'1 or something like that

picture (hope u can see it)

Other things? nah
hope to enjoy it here
I Amsterdam

And do check my "art": Deviant

Hi there.... welcome to MoFo....
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AiSv Nv wa do hi ya do...
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I got for good luck my black tooth.
Welcome...what is your taste in movies?
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nice to meet you
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Originally Posted by Strummer521
Welcome...what is your taste in movies?
I like almost every type of movies. My favorites are LotR, Starwars, a lot of Drew Barrymore films, 10 things i hate about you, PotC, Immortel and loads more..

Hey Veronica how's life. A little late seeing this intro but what the heck. And yeah, I loooooooove starwars too. Well the first 3 especially.

Nice to meet you. Do you like living in Holland?

holland's cool i suppose, though some people are really gready and some are stupid there are also very nice people, nice views, it's all great. I live in a nice town with about 70,000 inhabitants and thats just the perfect size for me

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Welcome to the site!

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Hi Veronica I'm 16 too and new. I'm Courtney from the United States. I am gonna start the 11th grade this year. I saw that you are 6'1 wow that's tall I'm only 5'3". I like gymnastics, dancing, music(Greenday, Live, Nirvana) and Pirates Of The Carabbean and Orlando Bloom.

all the new.welcome