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I'm not surprised these two are so high . Buffy doesn't appeal to me but I perfectly well see its appeal. It's well made and well written.

South Park is funny, rude and anarchic , a perfect programme for when you're growing up - I suspect given the age demographic here that a lot of people who love it watched it in their adolescent years. It performs the same sort of role that Monty Python did in my generation - most adults thought it was extremely silly and that's what made us love it even more.

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I never could get the hang of Thursdays.
South Park is too hit and miss for me to have it on my list. When it's good, it's great, but it's not good often enough. I did enjoy the movie, which is eligible for the animated top 100, by the way.

Buffy was on my list pretty high up.

I guess I should have saw South Park coming, but I didn't. I could call it juvenile like some others have, but I have 70's show on my list so I will digress.

The Buffy club knows how I feel about the first season and a half of that show. I like the characters but the writing and plot lines are not compelling enough to keep me watching.

Even though I am one of the old men around here, I many times feel like my film tastes are not as mature as most on the forum. The fact that you guys voted both these shows ahead of Mad Men and The Shield makes me feel like my tastes are perfectly fine in comparison.

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I had Buffy at number FOUR overall.

It used to be my favorite show of all time back when it was on, and I was pretty obsessed with it. I have seen the show in its entirety perhaps 3-4 times since the 90s, and over the years, my favorite seasons, themes, and characters have changed. For instance, as the show aired, I recall being annoyed by Season 5, but after I last watched the series, season 5 is probably one of my favorites. A groundbreaking show in many ways, and beneath its goofy surface, the show was witty and sometimes quite intelligent. The Body is still one of the best hours of TV ever produced, and i also like Restless a whole hell of a lot.

I didn't vote for South Park.
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I don't remember where I had Fawlty Towers on my list, but it was HIGH. It's one of the funniest shows I've ever seen, the Germans episode is rightfully remembered as the one of the funniest things ever put on television.
Don't mention the war.

Buffy was my #7 choice, though that's about where my list was just left as it was because I'd have never been happy with it had I tried to place everything perfectly. I love Buffy. I think Angel might be better, but I'll never love it like I do Buffy. It's the wonderful characters, the chemistry between the actors and the great writing which set this apart from all its contempories.

I've not watched South Park regularly since season 2 or 3, but the odd episodes that I do see are usually OK and, as others have already pointed out, when it works, it really hits the spot.
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LOST and Fawlty Towers seem too low, they're two of my very favourite TV shows. The former was probably the first serious show that I really got into, I remember my parents watched the first season and I saw bits and bobs, so I watched it all myself and became hooked, they stopped after a couple of seasons as they got tired of it. I don't think the ending is great, but I don't think it's as bad as everyone thinks either, if you ignore the alternate universe stuff, then I am fine with most of it.

In fact, I would say now that Twin Peaks and The Sopranos are my top two TV shows. But when it comes to favourites, I can't say anything would be ahead of LOST apart from them. There are so many great moments in it.

The opening scene from season two was just amazing, I remember sitting there thinking WTF is happening.


And the 'Not Penny's Boat' moment is one of the most heartbreaking scenes in anything ever.

WARNING: "lost" spoilers below
And then there was Ben murdering Jacob.

There were so many fantastic characters, Ben has to be one of the greatest villains ever created, and I absolutely loved characters like Desmond and Charlie. The show was about much more than 'making sense', and there was always going to be strange mythology involved that didn't make sense, so I thought the explanation where we went back to Jacob and the Man in Black made sense.

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I'm going to pretend the last two entries didn't happen
Just being a hater Both shows are far to high IMO but MO doesn't really matter. That's what the people voted for.

South Park was my number 2. So glad too see it this high . I really had no clue of the thoughts on it here, so anywhere from 40 to top 10 wouldn't have surprised me. Instead of just ranting about why i like it, i'm going to steal Seans idea and post a top 10 episodes in a little while.

I will say one thing though, in my opinion South Park has been able to enjoy a much higher level of consistency than similar shows like The Simpsons (you'd be lucky to find more than one above average Episode per season since Season 10). Mainly because it decided to change the initial formula of the show when it started to get stale. The first 3 SP seasons are completely unrecognizable to any of the later ones.

The development of certain characters has been exceptional as well. For instance Randy was largely a boring side character only brought out when a parent was needed for the story for the first few Seasons. Ever since Fingerbang (Season 4), he's become one of the most hilarious and popular characters on the show. Same goes for Butters if you watch his first big appearence in Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub (Season 3), it's clear how far he's come.

Also Randy Marsh is my hero .

Buffy is a very good show. It just barely missed my list, but the last few seasons made me decide to leave it off in the end.

My List:

2.South Park
3.Mad Men
5.Sons of Anarchy
7.It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
13.The Shield
16.Batman TAS
17.Only Fools And Horses
19.Fawlty Towers
21.Curb Your Enthusiasm
24.The Twilight Zone

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Buffy was my number 13. Great show but I didn't think it would place this high. Never liked South Park though.
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Top 10 South Park Episodes (kinda)

I decided to steal Seans idea, but as i'm sure was the case with him i could do a list tomorrow with 10 different episodes.

10.City Sushi (Season 15, Episode 6)

Quite a recent episode that i don't think you'd see on alot of similar lists. The pronunciation of City-Beef,Chicken,etc, by a heavily stereotyped Chinese Character gets old really fast. Add in a
heavily stereotyped Japanese character and this episode should have been horrendous. Yet the sidestory of Butter imaginary friends, and Schizophrenic (sp?) counselor make this a recent classic.

9.A Ladder To Heaven (Season 6, Episode 12)

8.Awesom-O (Season 8, Episode 5)

This was the episode that got me back into, South Park after not watching it for a good 5 years. The first time Butters got his own back on Cartman. It starts out as a simple manipulation of Butters naivete, but escalates into a mission to find an embarrasing video Butters has of Cartman. It also features the crazy SP Military attempting to use Awesom-O as a weapon, and what i imagine the actual process of coming up with Adam Sandler movies looks like .

7.Woodland Critter Christmas (Season 8,14)

An episode completely revolving around Stan. The first appearance of the Woodland Critters, the most evil things in the SP Universe. From the shock of finding out that the Critters are the evil ones, to the even more shocking ending which is actually not that surprising at all .

I'll post the top 6 in an hour or two because somethings come up....

My list so far.

2. South Park
5. Law & Order
7. Cowboy Bebop
9. Monty Python’s Flying Circus
14. Dragonball Z
18. Batman: The Animated Series

By the way, am I the only one here who has watched South Park regularly since the series started?

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I'm currently watching Lost it's not everybody who followed it when it aired...
That's the way it is here on MoFo. We wrap spoilers for a few years, but then they are usually dropped after something has been around for a while. Just sort of let your eyes blur if you run across pics or text in regards to Lost in this here thread. People are posting pics and vids from pretty much every show as we move along, and i see no reason to single out any particular show to wrap with spoilers in a thread of this nature. Threads like these are always littered with spoilers, it seems. I will post a tag at the start of the thread warning people off the countdown if if they see a show in the front list they are currently watching.

EDIT: Message added.

@Godoggo - Feel free to move the warning around to wherever you think it is best used in the post with the main list. Thanks!

By the way, am I the only one here who has watched South Park regularly since the series started?
I sure hope the answer to this is no, since it finished 12th.

I get what you are saying Sedai, but it should just be common sense to write spoilers or to add the spoiler tag if you're about to spoil something. People are just lazy I guess.

Cause when I'm about to write something that is a spoiler I automatically think "hey, I'm not the only person in the world I should probably warn people so they can still get a great experience watching the movie/show for the first time." Of course it can slip, but people should seriously try their best to remember.

And I didn't read in depth I just saw the video linked with the titel "*character* dies". That's a little hard to unsee compared to plain text.

We need to come up with a statute of limitations on spoilers. After a certain period of time if you haven't seen it, you don't care about it enough to go in spoiler free.

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I get what you are saying Sedai, but it should just be common sense to write spoilers or to add the spoiler tag if you're about to spoil something. People are just lazy I guess.
Negative. Laziness has nothing to do with it, at least in my case, where I specifically and knowingly made the decision to NOT wrap spoilers on stuff that is older, since that is how I was told things run on the site when I first joined and raised a similar issue when I got spoiled.

The issue here is that threads with too many spoiler tags are unwieldy to many members, and list threads such as this one tend to have alleged spoilers in a large portion of the replies when new titles are posted. So we tend to pop a global warning at the start of the list to let folks know about possible spoilers in the list threads. Otherwise, it makes it rather tough to really talk about any of the reasons something is a favorite.

Sorry you got spoiled, because that burns by ass when it happens to me too, and I have added a warning at the start of the thread warning future readers about potential spoilers.

For the record, when I asked what a good amount of time was to consider dropping tags off of spoilers due to content age, I was told 5 years or so. This show, which started airing twice that many years ago, didn't air its last episode until 2010, so I guess it is sort of on the fence.

@Sadai Well the spoiler tag on this forum is also kind of stupid. I've been elsewhere on other forums where the spoiler tag takes up one line. And when it truly comes down to it - one line of "spoiler tag" with 10+ lines crammed up inside or 10 lines of exposed spoilers - which really takes up the space and which is the most annoying if you don't know about the given spoiler?

Also, it doesn't have to be a spoiler tag, it could just be the word SPOILER written like that right before the spoilers come. Simple as that. I'm new here yes, but I think it's stupid people have just chosen to say "**** it" and let it be because that's how it just is, apparently... Especially on a movie site with movie lovers you would expect people cared enough and had passion for the subject, that they know how fantastic it is to watch a twist ending you don't know about beforehand. And the other way around as well - how annoying it is to read a spoiler and just sit and wait for it to happen in the given movie/show when you watch it.

And it's total ******** that thing about "it's old so if you haven't watched yet it too bad"... So let's all ruin great old movies and tv shows because hey, they are old and all us old people have already seen it. I'm not ****ing 50 years old, if I wanna watch Psycho spoiler free then that shouldn't be a problem, though that is a stretched example to use but you get the point (I actually never got exposed to the twist ending of that movie. Pretty impressive... )

But if people love to get spoiled over and over around here, and aren't interested in doing something about it, I guess I'll just have to adapt if that's the case.