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Period drama


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I'm looking for a period drama I believe aired about 20-15 years Ago. I always thought John Malkovich was the main character but non of the series or movies he acted in seem to fit in with my description.
All I remember is this man who visits a village to help them out with something he has knowledge about (can't remember what). But most of all I remember this woman who was mentally I'll that he seemed to fall in love with. They treated her with bloodletting.
Any thoughts?

Could br The Physician, with Tom Payne & Ben Kingsley? That is set in the middle ages, and could be a fit? Malkovich for Kingsley?

Otherwise, any other info to go on? What period is it set in, roughly?

The Phydician was from about 10 years ago.

Or Restoration, which is set in mid 17th century, with Robert Downey Jr & David Thewlis? (Thewlis for JM maybe?), was made in mid-90s

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I think it's det during the Victorian era. Or I would Guess between 1600-1800. Not earlier. Probably 1700 something.
And I think it could be a mini series. But it's Still possible that it could be a movie.

Thank you for the suggestions! i'll look them up!

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Also, exept what I mentioned about the time epoc, I remember she had dark hair. And she didn't live in a mental ward or anything. I believe her family put leeches om her back at home to cure her mental illnes.
It's vague but I think she's upset with the Main character because of something about the Nature and she starts yelling att him about how the sea is poisoned.

And it is for sure not made after 2007.

Restoration (1995) has a physician visit a colleague at a sanitarium who meets a woman who is 'troubled'. This woman, Meg Ryan, doesn't have dark hair, but another woman who the doctor had fallen in love with did. I don't remember any bloodletting.

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Thank you, but restoration is not the one I'm looking for.
Bot the Phycisian eather

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Thank you, but no, it's not the one I'm looking for. ✨