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Anyone else tired of tattoos on everyone?


Probably not of interest to anyone now, but I've reconsidered my feelings about tattoos. I didn't really understand that "sleeve" tattoos are usually a continuous design and not a collection of individual tattoos with particular meaning to the person. I guess I'm telling a lot of people something they already know (Cue the sarcastic responses.), but I didn't really get that they are sort of a Sistine Chapel approach to tattooing the human body.

I like sleeve tattoos. I think its safe to say most people with bod mods have each one for a reason. Yes its their body and their subculture so if i found myself disliking it i would move along and mind my own business. Goodness me, with everything thats wrong with the world and you choose one to get your nickers in a knot that makes another person happy, gives another person a job, and most importantly, doesnt hurt anyone?

Dude, you need to get a new hobby. Do you judge people for what they wear on their head and body? Come and criticise me. Someone today asked me if i had a house full of hats, gloves and scarves. My answer - Yes!
That's like Patsy's line in Absolutely Fabulous : "You can never have enough hats, gloves or shoes".

Watching the British Tattoo Fixers has been really good and educational. There are some excellent designs on that, my favourite being a red apple with chunks out of it revealing a skull, based on Snow White – oddly enough the work of the most tattoo-covered of the artists, Lou Hopper.

I always liked that bit in X-Men 3 when Magneto's trying to recruit some mutants who happen to wear tattoos. When one asks "Where's your mark?" he rolls his sleeve up, revealing his Auschwitz number.

i'm SUPER GOOD at Jewel karaoke
People getting tattoos to the point where the act of having a tattoo is no longer a statement in and of itself means the focus is shifted to the content/aesthetics of the tattoo.

I don't see how that's a bad thing.
ya, this.

i have a purple iris on my shoulder, which i got for my aunt who passed away in 2014. i've had countless people admire it over the years and ask me what it signifies and it's given me a chance to share stories about this awesome woman who helped raise me and reminisce about her. people are always really touched by the story and it gives me a chance to remember her again. none of that is a bad thing for me and i'm not interested in pleasing other people's aesthetic needs over my own when it comes to my own body.

I like quality, I'll say that. I don't like rubbish tattoos that look like doodles .

Im not a tattoo person at all, and would never get one, but no issue if thats what other people want to spend their money on.

Only personal thing I think about tattoos is that to me, I think tattoos are a bit like talking about your sex life. In the right time and place, with the right company, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, but then there are times it should be private too. Relating that to tattoos, I mean I dont understand getting one that you cant cover up when necessary. There are always situations in life where having a tattoo will be seen as a detriment (certain jobs etc) or reveal something personal about you that isnt necessarily a good thing. So to that extent, I really dont get people who get tattoos in places like on their face especially. You've basically just ruled yourself out of any number of things by choosing to express yourself with a permanent marking on your face. It's akin to getting out a megaphone and shouting out how many sexual partners you've had and what your favourite position in the second you enter any public place.

I think the idea behind tattoos in the abstract is often a different question than the reality. I can think of lots of scenarios where tattoos make a lot of sense, and a few where I might get one. Then I think about times like this past week where I saw a mom walking around with giant flaming skulls on the back of both her thighs. I'm guessing that's not to remember a loved one by.

...I really dont get people who get tattoos in places like on their face especially...
This was one of the first tv characters to have a facial tattoo. Chakotay from Star Trek Voyager (1995-2001)

Anyone want one of those? I thought it looked good on him, but I'll pass on ink on my face.

I'm tired of the septum piercings. Tired's not the right word - call me biased, but I just can't take them. I can't look at a person with them. They look like boogers hanging out of someone's nose - and if you were talking to someone with actual boogers hanging from their nose you might tactfully hand them a tissue or motion to your own nose and quietly say, "You've got a little something..." until they wiped their nose.
On top of that, you don't want metal hanging where boogers and snot run out - it's an area to be kept clean and free of obstruction so you can get rid of the boogers and snot quickly - not have a piece of "jewelry" to catch your nose refuse! ()

Same goes for rings - a "bullring" is just that - it was an abusive instrument used to inflict pain on beasts of burden so they could be led around literally "by the nose." What an ugly and debasing thing to say about oneself with such an adornment.

Okay, flame away - I'm "tired" of what our culture has turned into.

Can't say I'm tired of all tattoos but I am definitely tired of seeing tattoo sleeves on guys. Tattoos used to be such a sign of rebellion and now it seems like the opposite (at least for the sleeve ones). There are so many people who have them around me that they almost are like a "t shirt and jeans" type of thing. It just screams "i am a trend follower" to me.
That said, I love when people get a tattoo that is very meaningful to them, like a permanent memento of sorts.

Ultimately, of course, to each their own, but I have to be honest about what I think of when I see some of them.
“There's no place to hide, When you're lit from the inside” Roisin Murphy

I'm Anthony, a Frenchman in France.
95% of the time, I find human tattoos inappropriate, "ugly".
Sometimes I find them interesting.

As for the idea of getting tattooed... I have a "problem": I find no symbol I like in the long term.
Not even if the ink is colorless (revealed by UVs).