RIP Chadwick Boseman


My gosh! I also find this so shocking.
The guy is so young and had a very athletic body (of course, to play a superhero).
It seemed like his career was hitting a peak.
The irony is I just finally saw Black Panther (2018) about a month ago and enjoyed it. For a character I've been familiar with most my life, I thought he was very well cast.

Does this mean there will be no Black Panther II (already announced)?

I don't like the movie but way too young to die that's tragic

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This one really bums me out. I've never seen Black Panther and I don't even remember if I've ever seen anything he's been in, but I know what colon cancer can do to people. It's what my mom died of when she was only 46. They were both too young to go, especially like they did. Rest in peace.

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Only watched him recently in both Get On Up and Gods Of Egypt, played his part in both quite nicely

Requiescat in pace Chadwick.
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This is absolutely awful news. RIP.

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im sooo sad that he died D= hes one of my favorite person on MCU as black panther D= wakanda forever
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The truth is in here
Black Panther did get overrated by the Academy, but it was still a fun movie and he did a really good job in it. Ive been interested in the James Brown biopic, but haven't gotten around to it.

Even if I never had seen him in anything however, this is an awful tragedy either way. Nobody should have to die of colon cancer in the best years of their life. Nobody.

What the **** is happening with this year, folks?

Sad and unexpected news, I really liked him in da 5 bloods, get on up and 21 bridges and don't think we'd seen the best from him yet, RIP Chadwick.
I wanna be sedated

Was genuinely surprised to hear this. I thought he looked really slight in Da 5 Bloods. but it's a movie, that's just what actors do. It's not as alarming as it would be in other contexts, except now it seems probably related. Amazing to think this was a secret. I wonder if he would have been Black Panther if it was known, since he was the centerpiece of a huge new franchise?

Either way, a charismatic and talented actor and I'm really sad we won't get to see what he would have done over the next few decades.

Rest in Peace.

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