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I d like to open a discussion on asian movies, particularly korean.
I watched many of those, liked all of them, and in my opinion some of them were just masterpieces. But sometimes they left me with some perplexities.
Here s what i noticed, see if you agree:
1-A lot of asian movies are about vengeance, which is intended differently from western movies. Infact i noticed that revenge does not consist in killing (or only killing) a man, but in forcing him to live in a dishonourable/painful/unstandable way. More over, sometimes the guy who looses in the end is not the one who dies, but the one that survives but keeps living in such a way. (Old boy, infernal affairs, I saw the devil)

2- Movies often begin and end with a philosophical sentence (and a couple of times i could not be able to find the connection between it and the movie itself). (Old boy, infernal affairs, a bittersweet life)

3- I found that there are some scenes totally irrelevant to the plot, or the movie itself, that seem to be put there just for the sake of it, or to make the movie longer. I often apreciated those scenes, but still I found them kinda weird. (I saw the devil - the scene in the taxi, a bittersweet life- the scene in the hockey field, a whole lot of scenes in lady vengeance and Mr vengeance)

4- Sometimes there are some very theatrical gestures you would not find in a western movie. I don t really know how to explain this point, nor I have any example to make, it s mostly a sensation.

I put as examples just the movies I rewatched in the last few days, but I had these opinions also after watching many other Asian movies but now I don t have time to remember all of them.

I d like to know your opinions and if you noticed some other stuff.
Sorry for any grammar/spelling mistakes.

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The philosophical sentence at the beginning is an obvious reference to Melville's Samurai.
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Obviously, you're just describing a small subset of Asian cinema which is a huge and multifaceted world. A lot of the disparities one might find between Eastern and Western cinema are largely culture-based, but the ones you pointed out are hardly defining of the cinematic trends of a whole region. No difference from Western cinema really... which is just as huge and multifaceted in scope and substance.
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What? We all know American movies are all the same (some exceptions non-withstanding). They are all about the main character's journey and usually feature some elements considered "cool" by American culture.