Mafia type of film im looking for


OK this is a difficult one. All my friend remembers is..

film is 80s or 90s. This handy guy kills a member of the Mafia, and escapes to live in the woods as a tree cutter or something, possibly Canada or the USA. He meets a lady who has a son, possibly working in a bar, and they start a relationship.

The story goes.. the mafia catch up with him to try and kill him, but he fends them off.

Its not A history of voilence that's all I know!


Thanks John. That's the film I meant to say it wasn't ! My friend got mixed up. I've edited in my post.


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Hard to Kill - 1990

In your description there are a couple similarities with John Sayles' Limbo (1999). Not an exact match, but has elements...

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