Happy Anniversary, Holden Pike!


A system of cells interlinked
TWENTY ONE big years here at MoFo!

Happy Anniversary!
"There’s absolutely no doubt you can be slightly better tomorrow than you are today." - JBP

You ready? You look ready
Make it a groovy one

"This is that human freedom, which all boast that they possess, and which consists solely in the fact, that men are conscious of their own desire, but are ignorant of the causes whereby that desire has been determined." -Baruch Spinoza

Movie Forums Extra
Happy anniversary!

I can finally drink, here on the Movie Forums! Huzzah.

"Film is a disease. When it infects your bloodstream it takes over as the number one hormone. It bosses the enzymes, directs the pineal gland, plays Iago to your psyche. As with heroin, the antidote to Film is more Film." - Frank Capra