Movies you should not watch back to back..


Singin' in the rain and A Clockwork Orange..

Gene Kelly's masterful musical is a delight to watch. A beautiful blend of music and great comedy. The title track gets me humming for days to follow.
On the other hand, Kubrick's adaptation of Anthony Burgess' book is chilling to the core. Malcolm McDowell's portrayal of Alex DeLarge is one of the most menacing characters ever to have been seen on the silver screen.
Both the movies are Fantastic!
But watching them back to back is a whole different experience for me. If you liked the first one, if you felt like singing in the rain, the second movie will bring your world crashing down!

Welcome to the human race...
I reckon watching following up a romantic movie with Irreversible sounds like a really ill-advised double bill.
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.
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I would really love to watch movie titanic again and again, coz it's a real love story that make me to watch it back to back.

Buy the ticket, take the ride.
I watched The Lord of the Rings trilogy in one day once.

I was amazing, but it was seriously exhausting.

I'll never forget that day

But I doubt I'd do it again anytime soon unless I properly mentally prepared myself before hand!
"Life has become immeasurably better since I have been forced to stop taking it seriously."

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I just watched Young Frankenstein followed by The Seventh Seal.

I think I went in the wrong order
"What might have been and what has been
Point to one end, which is always present." - T.S. Eliot

irom man and then iron man 2 u watch them back to back u will end up not like the first anymore lol