Camelot/Medieval Infertility/Threesome Movie?


Hey film lovers, I come today with a rather unusual request.

Some friends are struggling with getting pregnant and it is suspected that the husband may have some fertility issues. They are considering reaching out to a close male friend to be a donor. The three of them have been good friends since high school and both of the men have been in a serious relationship with the woman, in the past. The guys are basically best friends and have no ill history, but I know from some conversation that they are struggling a little with the fact that guy #1 (who is struggling with fertility) would be raising his best friend's kid, rather than his own, and I think there are also some emotions about guy #2's past history with the woman and their former talk of marriage and a family.

So I was thinking about how to provide some advice or reassurance, and then I remembered a film that I saw when I was younger that had a really interesting story about a similar situation. I can't remember the title, though, which is why I'm here today.

As best as I can recall, the story was about King Arthur, Lancelot, and Guinevere. It may have been a made-for-TV movie. In the story, one man - let's call him Arthur - wants to have a child with the woman, who we'll call Guinevere. But they have trouble and come to suspect that he's infertile, somehow. Anyway, eventually they form this strong bond with Lancelot and, in a very unusual twist, I seem to recall them having a threesome so that they wouldn't know who the true father of Guinevere's baby was.

I haven't been able to find the film but one thing I did discover is that a somewhat related tale, The Fisher King, seems to have an infertile main character, too. I saw this film on TV when I was like 13 years old so it's possible that I'm misremembering it as a Camelot film and it was in fact based on something else entirely.

Does anyone have any idea what this unusual film may have been? I wanted to watch it and perhaps even share it with one of my friends so that they'd have a film with characters that they could sympathize with, a bit.


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Possibly the oddest question for movie questions I have yet seen. I would think friends should leave them to sort it out themselves and with the help of a professional.

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really not sure can't be Guinevere 1994 ?
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Honestly, this reminds of an old porno I saw in the late 80's early 90's. Can't remember the title myself, but it involved 2 couples, where couple #1 was having trouble having kids due to the husband #1 infertility for 'low production' and is uneasy about being a father, and the other couple didn't want any kids because the husband #2 didn't want the responsibility and the wife #2 had her tubes tied. Wife #1 was seeking Husband #2 as the donor in secret, and Husband #1 went to Wife #2 because his doctor said he needed to have more sex to cause his production to increase. Eventually, Wife #1 finds out she's pregnant and Husband #2 decides he wants to be a dad after all, while Husband #1 and Wife #2 fall in love with each other.

You nailed it, akatemple! Just wanted to say thanks for figuring this out. I actually never saw your response because I stopped checking after a day. Early this week, though, I was able to find the movie by using this tool: WhatIsMyMovie

Anyway, just wanted to confirm that Mists of Avalon was what I was looking for. Thanks much!!