Zombie Strippers

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some customers may get their dicks ripped off
I kinda feel bad about writing a review on this but i felt it needed to be done. TERRIBLE MOVIE. That said, i felt it was a masterpiece of gore and nudity. You can't really go wrong with beautiful women taking their clothes off and then having them turn into zombies. It's what would happen if George A. Romero directed a skin flick. Any other thoughts?

Happy New Year from Philly!
Any thoughts you say?

Here are mine on this genre bending epic.

Based on the French existentialist, absurdist drama Rhinocerous by Eugene Ionesco, it is one of the best of Jay Lee's American movies--a thriller with the logic and plausibility of a nightmare. Lee's technique is so sure and so seductive that the viewer completely identifies with the safe, serene protagonist (Jenna Jameson), an associate stripper in Sartre, Nebraska, and shares her shock and fear when she's caught in a trap. The stripper is interested in the relation of motive (money) to stripping--an interest that's purely a matter of intellectual curiosity. Then, when her fellow strippers become Super Zombie Strippers, the movie becomes clothing optional and biting mandatory. Kat Zilburg is a revelation as Byrdflough and Robert Englund is luminous as always in the part of club owner Ian Essko and the strippers strip. The cinematography gives a gritty realism to what should be a comedic romp.

Louise Vale first woman to play Jane Eyre in the flickers.