Anne Heche in critical condition


The trick is not minding
Reports are that a car, driven by Heche herself, apparently crashed into her house at high speed. The car and house erupted in flames.

Stay tuned for more details.

Holy crap! Fast forward this to around the 19:45 mark. It almost qualifies as a jump scare.

Luckily no one else was hurt. I hope she pulls thru. She's driven over a lot of bumpy roads in her life. I'm not a big fan of her movies or TV shows but I thought she was adorable opposite Harrison Ford in the 1998 film Six Days Seven Nights.

Any news? I haven't seen anything new in the last 12 hours . . .
"Do not speak of that of about which we talk of not speaking... about."

- Henry Hale

Just saw this on the news and I hope she's ok. I've always liked her and hopefully the cause is not something criminal. Like PumaMan said, I've heard that she's had her fair share of difficulties.

The trick is not minding
Heche is expected to pull through, but itís said she has suffered severe burns and has a long a road to recovery ahead of her.

More information has come in, some conflicting. The first piece of news is she was allegedly was involved in an accident and fled the scene, then preceded to crash.

The second is conflicting. Iíve read some reports that state it was her house, others that state it was someone elseís house.

Looks like she may have been speeding right before she crashed into a house (not her house).

From CNN:

The vehicle was traveling at high speed when it ran off the road and collided with a residence, Los Angeles Police Public Information Officer Jeff Lee told CNN on Friday.