Joker 2


Joaquin Phoenix has agreed to sign on, Lady Gaga has agreed to sign on (most likely as Harley Quinn), and its supposed to be a musical.

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Joaquin Phoenix has agreed to sign on, Lady Gaga has agreed to sign on (most likely as Harley Quinn), and its supposed to be a musical.
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Doing a musical as a sequel to "The Joker," one of the most successful R Rated films of all time, sounds to me like a terrible idea. It's way too big of a contrast from the first movie. Why would you want to mess with a formula that was incredibly successful and take the risk to depart that significantly from it to do this? I don't get it.

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Didn't much care for the first one so this could always be a lateral move or even an improvement.
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.
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I really don't like this's going to end up tarnishing the first film, which blew me away.
I thought the first one was pretty great too. I hate to see Joaquin Phoenix go the Johnny Depp route and jump on the endless sequels bandwagon.

The first one was passable. I'm fine with them either ****ing up or nailing a sequel. This is hardly sacred ground after all. I actually think the random factor of it being a musical is at least interesting.

Honestly the idea is so outlandish Im hoping its something inspired. Sometimes the more ridiculous the concept, the more likely people give it a chance. The first one, again just being honest here, was a ripoff of Taxi Driver, The King of Comedy, and other rehashed twist elements. I saw it once, dont regret it, but wont see it again unless its just to watch him actually being the Joker which was a small part of the film. At least in the sequel there should be more zip with his performance, and who knows maybe GaGa will surprise. According to actors playing an animated nutjob isnt as hard as people think, and can be quite entertaining.

Never watched the first one. Word of mouth made it seem very... "eh," with all of the assessments that it was basically trying to ape Taxi Driver and King of Comedy.

Hearing it's a musical and Lady Gaga will be playing Harley Quinn makes me think the singing and dancing is going to exist in their heads.

Which in Dancer in the Dark worked well (in my memory). I just hope* this doesn't turn out to be a cliched, "love song number about me and my guy," followed by a hard cut to reality, where they're surrounded by the carnage of bodies of people they've just killed, because that would seem like the most cliched, lifeless way this could go.

My gut tells me that's what this will be.

*: "Hope," might be a strong word for a sequel to a movie whose existence I meet mostly with indifference and only vaguely takes up minimal space in my brain as "existing."