Terminator 1 or 2, which one did you like the best?


Terminator 1 or 2, which one did you like the best?
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Terminator 2: Judgement Day
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Those are good points. I guess I just like T2 better because I thought it had a bigger plot compared to the first one, where as the first one felt like it ended more suddenly and quickly in comparison.

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How is it that I'm just finding out about Linda Hamilton having a twin sister, and her appearing in T2 in 3 scenes??

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The sister is the back one in this scene, furthest away from focus.


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Theyre both great but for different reasons. The first one was more horror and the second more action. If i had to pick just one it would be T2.
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The Terminator

It was a surprise. It is not only the original which scores a point over any sequal, but it was also a relatively original idea. In '84 it was a bolt from the blue. T2 was a "second helping" following the action formula of bigger, louder, and dumber.

It was effective. This is first iteration of the Cameron Formula, that love story wrapped in an action movie that appeals to men and women (e.g., Titanic, Avatar). The Terminator, however, is unique in the formula. In this case, the love story doesn't just supervene on the action movie as something that might have a life of its own were it not for the disaster (e.g., Jack and Rose could have had their love story without the berg, Bud and Lindsay could have revived their marriage without rubbery water aliens), but the two are organically entwined and essential to the telling of the story. The love story is part of the mission. Our lovers are not only as star-crossed as Romeo and Juliet, but they are also in the grips of a closed-loop time-travel story. And what does T2 do? It wrecks this formal perfection

It was efficient. T1 is a masterclass in low-budget filmmaking. Cameron took everything he learned under Corman and made a visually impressive film. Where T2 (along with Jurassic Park) marks the point where CGI begins to definitively take the lead in SFX, T1 uses smoke, tinfoil, and rear-projection to its maximum effect. The only effects which are really dated are the stop-motion effects, but all stop-motion effects now look dated--in '84 that was a good as you could get it, and he got it fishing his imaginariam with a shoestring and a bag of technical tricks.

T1 doesn't have a whiny lil' b***h. I'm afraid that I must concur with Skynet. John Connor must die.

T1 doesn't have the clunky lines. The Terminator in T2 says, "I have detailed files" in a take that should have landed on the cutting room floor. But it didn't. T2 has more cringey s**t in it.

T2 "Fonzies" the Terminator. The inception of the character Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli was a biker dude who would steal your girls, kick your ass, and then change your song on the juke box just by hitting it. After Happy Days jumped the shark, Fonzie was wearing an apron and baking cookies with Mrs. C. Likewise, the original Terminator was a relentless, soulless, remorseless machine. In T2 he's pluck comic relief.

Look, I get that the valuation of cinema is slippery and subjective and that what we see in this thread are "dueling memberberries," which are more likely to show one's age (were you a kid when you saw T1 or was T2 your first experience of the franchise at the cinema?) and yeah, you either liked one or the other better. I get that and I don't want to pass judgment on that. But I'll still stab you in the neck if you pick T2.

I preferred the second one because it's one of the few sequels I have seen that didn't go anywhere I expected it to and didn't try to recreate things from the first film and the final scene destroyed me.

I much prefer the first one.

As I've said before, despite being R-rated, I do consider Terminator 2 as the herald for family-friendly, PG-13 action movies that have ruled the box office for far too long. It's not a bad film, but I've never understood the worship and "the best action movie ever" hype. Oh, and I also agree with @Yoda 's rant above.

I haven't seen the sequel in I don't know how long, but this is mostly my sentiment. I know a big part of the worship is, "special effects watershed moment in summer blockbuster history," phenomenon that includes things like Star Wars and then Jurassic Park, but I've also never fully understood the love adults have for those movies either.