Movie with human Alexas?


I am going crazy trying to remember a B+ type comedy movie that I recently watched where “Alexa” is a human and one guy tells his friend, “I got you an Alexa,” and it’s the same human person. I think this movie was made in the last 15 years, but I am not really sure. No big name actors. I have tried every search I can think of. My boyfriend thinks he remembers there is a type of Ponzi scheme where one character convinces the other(s) to keep investing and Alexa saves the day at the end.

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Not Simone, is it? That came out in 2002:
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Thank you for the suggestion, but it is not Simone. It must have come out more recently than 2014 because Amazon’s Alexa did not hit the market until then. She wasn’t popular until more recently, so the movie is probably no more than five years old, the more I think about it. Two human Alexa characters are played by the same actress, and she outsmarts the bad guys at the end.

Doesn't really match up to what you are looking for much, but just to cross it off the list...Jexi (2019)?

But when you say the words "comedy" and a "human" Alexa I immediately think of the television series "The Good Place" (2016-2020) and the wonderful Janet played by D'Arcy Carden.

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Any details of the plot would help narrow down the possibilities. For example, does it take place in a particular city? What does the guy being asked to invest do for a living? Is there any particular assistance that the human Alexa provides?