What Is The Most Disturbing Film?


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Thank you for opening my eyes to the Adventures of Mark Twain this gem i reget not seeing at a younger age.

Finished here. It's been fun.
Requiem for A Dream
American History X

All amazing films that i feel are quite disturbing in one way or another.

Fight Club wasn't disturbing, just weird.

Se7en WAS disturbing.

I don't know if I would consider FIGHT CLUB disturbing...it was quirky and weird and absolutely fascinating. I think SE7EN was way more disturbing than FIGHT CLUB.

Probably Natural Born Killers. However, I have seen a lot of weird movies since then, and it probably wouldn't be the most disturbing if I were to watch it for the first time now.
NATURAL BORN KILLERS is not so much disturbing as it is annoying.

The Woman (Lucky McKee), is sadistic and disturbing. I don't think I've mentioned this movie here, and I don't see much talk about it. It's one that I want to watch again despite watching with disgust. The film has a ring of feminism in it, which I don't like, but is overall a solid and occasionally scary modern movie.

edit; scary in the way of how sick people can be (looking back the perpetrator is comparable to Ariel Castro) not scary in a nightmare or jump while watching sense.
Yeah, there's no body mutilation in it

Watership Down is pretty creepy.
Crash is chilling.
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I usually like most of the movies I watch. I don't watch a movie I don't like anyway.

This thread is old as a... anyway, Natural Born Killers was not disturbing to me, was something Iíd already contemplated, more often than I probably should at the time, and I fond it incredible, just an incredible satire, great social introspection, especially the last scenes, I completely loved the interview dialogue. Itís one of the greatest movies about contemporary murdering Iíve ever saw, itís hard to believe that came from a fool like Tarantino.

About the thread: Iíve never really seen a movie Iíd consider disturbing, I do a really good search before I decide to watch something, and I quit many many movies very early. I think it was Wim Wenders wife who said: I choose really carefully what I want to be in my memory. Thatís also one of the reasons I donít watch TV, I actually donít have channels, just the TV, I recently cancelled everything.

This movie was disturbing as hell for me and it's one of the best flick from 2019.

absolutely chilling.
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Excorcism of emily rose
The entity

Rosemary s baby is very disturbing aswell

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Come and See
The House that Jack Built
The City of Life and Death

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Midsommar definitely takes the cake for me...especially the near 3-hour director's cut.
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