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I've seen The Skin I Live In, it narrowly lost out to Schindler's List in the 23rd Hall of Fame.

The Skin I Live
In wasn't on my list but I did consider it.

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Two very solid films, although they didn't make my list.. The Skin I Live In is a strong Almodovar film which keeps you guessing even after the major reveal. The homages to past classic thrillers are there, and Banderas comes across as a mad scientist monster and a lovesick fool. His victim's reactions are even more compelling.

Raise the Red Lantern is right up there with To Live as my fave Yimou. The personal intrigue is abundant as are the gorgeous locations and cinematography, as well as the impossibly-beautiful Gong Li.
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Two pretty good movies that don’t elevate into anything special for me. That kind of sums up Almodovar for me. Not a big fan 8 or 9 movies in.

Do we think this is it for him? I always thought Skin I Live In was his most popular.

The Skin I Live In is a film I've been meaning to see since its release but still haven't. I've even recorded it a couple of times but still not gotten around to watching it. I think I'll enjoy it as and when I finally do see it.

Raise The Red Lantern is a film I loved back in the 90's. I've not seen it in a very long time (probably not since then actually) and if I'd rewatched it for this list it might've made my list. It's a gorgeous looking film and well worth the time of anyone who's not yet seen it.
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Rome, Open City is fantastic! I liked it far more than Journey to Italy.

I haven’t seen The Skin I Live In, looks interesting tho,

I really enjoyed Raise the Red Lantern. Such a different world than ours.

None of these made my list because again, too many great choices

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Haven’t seen either. Haven’t watched a lot of Almodovar for some reason, even though I really enjoyed Volver.

Red Lantern had been on my watch list for so long, and I’ve really enjoyed a lot of Yimou films.

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Raise the Red Lantern was my #7. "The Skin I live in" almost made my list! It's a great film, but I put another Almodovar among my picks.

7. Raise the Red Lantern (1991)
25. The Cannibals (1988)

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The Skin I Live In is a fine enough Almodovar film but my favorite of his is Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown. I'm not too big on the guy, though.

Raise the Red Lantern is a masterpiece and one of Zhang's best but you are really heartless if you do not think The Road Home is his best.
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I saw the American version of The Vanishing (with Kiefer Sutherland) many years ago, and I've heard that the original version is better, so I watched the original version for this countdown. It's been a long time since I saw the American version, so I can't really compare the two movies, but I understand why people call the original version creepy. The kidnapper definitely has a very creepy vibe to him, even though he seems like such a normal person when he's with his family.

However, I don't really see why people call this movie scary. With the exception of the last few minutes, (and one scene with some spiders that it would have been nice if somebody would have warned me about ), I didn't find anything scary about this movie.

As a mystery thriller movie, this is an excellent movie, so I'm not surprised to see that it made the countdown, but it didn't make my list.
I wouldn't say it's scary in the traditional sense of a "scary movie", but for me, it surely is terrifying for two reasons: first, as someone who can't be in a tight enclosed space, well, you know... but second, the fact that the antagonist is such a regular, normal person; the sense that "anybody" can be this monster without one knowing, I find that surely terrifying.
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I didn't like The Skin I live In when I first watched it several years ago. I watched it again for the horror countdown and loved it, but it wasn't horror to me so it didn't make my ballot. I watched it a 3rd time when Miss Vicky nominated it for a HoF and still loved it. It made my ballot here at #9.

Raise the Red Lantern is beautiful and fantastic but it didn't get a vote from me. Top 100 though sure.

The Skin I Live In is the first on the list that I haven't seen but I think I'll change that in the near future. Nothing from my list yet. The first ten are a decent bunch of films. Going to be interesting.

I've been slacking on movie watching the last couple years and only just watched Shoplifters this weekend. It was excellent. I give it at least a
and I'm sure it's going to show up.
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I liked Raise the Red Lantern a whole lot more seeing it the second time. Didn't make my list though.

The Skin I Live In was pretty good too but didn't make the cut.

The Skin I live in made my list, it's my favorite of Almodovar's films, and my favorite film of 2011.

Raise the Red Lantern I loved the first time I watched it but it lost a bit of it's luster on second viewing.

14. The Skin I Live In (2011)
15. The Exterminating Angel (1962)

25. White Material (2010)

The Skin I Live In is very memorable movie. I didn't think it's s masterpiece of cinema though, just a shock type of movie. Very interesting to watch but not the kind of movie I would list among my favorites.

I watched Raise the Red Lantern for a HoF a while back, but I didn't get a chance to rewatch it for this countdown. I remember that I liked the movie, but I only remember bits and pieces about the movie, and I remember that visually, it was beautiful movie.

I haven't seen The Skin I Live In, (and I doubt that it's my type of movie).
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I enjoyed The Skin I Live In enough to buy it on Blu-Ray when I had the chance. It was fine on the rewatch, but it knocked my socks off the first time I saw it. I advise anyone who hasn't seen it to watch it.

That's 2 films I've seen so far from this countdown. None from my ballot yet.

Think you used enough dynamite there, Butch?
I've never heard of Rome, Open City, (but I expect this to happen with a lot of movies that make this countdown).
I would say it COULD be up your alley. Definitely aspects and certain scenes - definitely.

wow, gotta little Rain Man there lol
Yeah, definitely. Definitely, yeah, definitely. Yeah. Spiders scare nice lady - no spiders. NO. No, no, nooo spiders. Nice lady no get scared. Yayyy.
Scared bad. Bad, definity, definitely bad. Yeah,
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