My screenplay idea for the future film about Obi-Wan


Obi wan from the prequels is my favourite Star Wars character. Rather than except Disney's version of the movie I decided to write my own. But I would like to give you a quick summary of what my version is about

Movie starts in the desert of tattooine Obi wan is walking when he hears a woman scream. The woman was riding some sort of transport animal as she was attacked by a sand creature her and the animal falls the animal crushing her leg on the way down. Obi wan goes to her aid and scares off the sand creature. And helps the woman back to her home that is nearby. She offered him to stay for tea but he respectfully declined. Later on that day as the Sun begins to set he passes by Luke Skywalker is home. From the distance he sees uncle Owen playing with Luke. Obi-Wan smiles but then a look of sadness creeps in to his face. He wonders to him self what is my purpose here I promise to watch over Luke but Luke is being well treated. Feeling without purpose obi-Wan heads back home. His place is a mess like a man who has given up. Throughout the night he has nightmares and flashbacks of Anikens betrayal.

He wakes up that morning to the sound of a droid outside of his place. The droid has a message for him. Asking him to visit, it was sent by the injured woman. So Obi-Wan heads off to her house. When entering she greets him with a smile. As she injured her leg she asked obi-Wan if he could run some errands for her And help out with chores. She offers him cash but obi-Wan does it for free. The woman was blonde pretty in her midd 30s. And obi-Wan grew fond of her as a bond between them started to grow. Eventually her leg healed and obi-Wan started to visit less and less. As he did not want to break his Jedi vowels and develop feelings for this woman. Although the feelings were undeniably real for him at this point.

Another sleepless night obi-Wan finds himself walking into the desert. Trying to communicate with qui gone Jin. Qui gon,s ghost appeared. Qui gone Humbly tells Obi-Wan. Aniken was not his fault but his own error in judgement and that he should not of tied his hands making him feel obligated to train the boy. Qui gone rarely admits a mistake so this throes Obi-Wan of guard. Obi-Wan sheds a tear, And says to qui gone it's not your fault master none of us could've predicted the Chancellors plan. Obi-Wan looks down in sadness. Qui gon says to Obi-Wan don't deny yourself happiness and live in the past. Remember what I taught you, your focus remains here and now where it belongs. Obi-Wan says Focus on what. Qui gon smiles and says 'she likes you you know' and you like her. Obi wan na´vely says but master attachment is forbidden in the Jedi code. Qui gone Laughs and says you are the most loyal Jedi i've never known and had the pleasure of training. Live for yourself for once. And if not for you do it for the girl she might not survive by herself.

So Obi-Wan goes back to the Woman and a relationship forms between them to. For the first time in a Long time Obi-Wan is truly happy. But during the course of the relationship she tells him she once had a son who trained at the Jedi Temple and was killed by a light saber. Obi wan hearing this information was consumed by guilt as he realised it was his apprentice that killed her son. He finally becomes clean and tells her the truth. Hearing the truth she pushes him away. After the rejection Obi-Wan does chores for her without her consent. Eventually she lets him back inside the house. And says there's nothing to forgive.

After a while of happy being with her Obi-Wan goes and checks on Luke Skywalker for a second time where he has dinner with his uncle and auntie. When he gets back to his partner she is in distress as the sand people robbed her home and stole her droid which had pictures of her deceased son. Obi-Wan went after The sand people to get back the droid. He finally retrieved it after getting in a scrap with the sand people when he returned home to her with the good news. He saw Empire clones leaving her house. He ran inside frantically and found her lying on the floor. As he lifted her head she told him with her dying words that after her son died she thought with the resistance. And that The Empire had a bounty on her head. She told Obi wan that she loved him and that she never thought she would find happiness again. Then she closes her eyes as obi-Wan cries holding her head in his arms just like when he held his master qui gon

I wrote a short story this is my screenplay for the new Obi-Wan film that's on the horizon, well it's more of a short story I wrote. read it then get back to me on whether you think the story needs improving or whether you like it :-)