MoFo Fantasy Baseball - 2020 Season


0 fer 7 so far. Yup. This is the night I make you all sorry you ever messed with me and the roid ragers.
We are both the source of the problem and the solution, yet we do not see ourselves in this light...

Eh. It's interesting, at least. It's basically a different set of skills and decisions than a normal year. Chaos is definitely the right word, though. Just nice to get something resembling baseball (and something vaguely resembling fantasy baseball).

Zach Plesac just got sent home for violating the MLB's new covid policy. Not sure if it's a suspension or permanent. Crazy stuff. Some owner just got screwed, that's for sure.

Of course it is. 🤣

There should be a side bet of which owner gets hosed over the most this season.
Winning this year or even most seasons can depend solely on that. Especially in Fantasy Football where there's much less depth available on waivers compared to baseball.

The most dominant team in our Fantasy Baseball league all throughout this season has made 7 moves. I'm 10th place with 53.

So Plesac gets sent home for violating some new policy that they just made up. The Houston Astros are still the Houston Astros. And some folks wonder why very few people take baseball seriously.

Yeah, it's borderline. It sounds like he had dinner with a few friends or something. If it's team protocol not to do that, fair enough (and he's apologized, apparently), though I'd still draw a line between that and this "a dozen Marlins go clubbing" thing, or whatever it was.

Bad news on Verlander, too. The season may have just started a couple of weeks ago but it sure feels like it's been going for months already, with all the news rolling in every day.

This cardinals thing is bordering on absurd. You really can't run this thing with 29 teams. If one more team has an outbreak I think they'll call it and blame it on the players.

Yeah, it's really rough having any Cardinals you can't afford to drop (I took Goldschmidt in the 5th), and it's super weird having their PPD opponents just rotating so you have to see which guys won't have games several days in a row.

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It seems Clevinger was hanging out with Plesac that evening...Dang.
"There’s absolutely no doubt you can be slightly better tomorrow than you are today." - JBP

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Clev missed his start last night.

Meanwhile, I did that thing...where a pitcher gets shelled for two starts in a row, so I bench him for the next start. You can probably guess the result.