3 fav. horror movies


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Originally Posted by Nitzer
1)Texas Chainsaw Massacre - 2003 (the old one was crap)
2)The Exorcist (I can't believe I spent my money to buy The Exorcist 3 DVD - it's as entartaining as a box of pig****; I haven't seen the second one so I'll assume it sucks)
3)Gothika - it had a few good scares
Hmm...Well...first off, welcome to the forum.

I do, however, (and forgive my imperial nature), question your logic. I mean, your taste is your taste, but:

1) The first Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a classic. If you like the new one better, it's somewhat sad, but it's still all good. Saying the original one is crap, however, isn't a completely wise statement.
2) The Exorcist III is a wonderfullly campy horror movie. I LOVE that movie. Make no mistake, it's nowhere near the first, but it is, in my opinion, a worthy of the name Exorcist.
3) Well...your taste is your taste and I haven't seen it (so I won't talk out of nowhere), but think movie got terrible reviews and I can think of a good many horror films more than worthy of this third spot.

Again, sorry about that...I don't mean to be harsh.
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Texas Chainsaw Massacre


I don't like horror very much, but this is easily my favorite.

Directed by David Cronenberg and starring James Woods and Deborah Harry.

It's about a sleazy owner of a TV station trying to boost his ratings by showing torture.

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Originally Posted by Beale the Rippe
That pretty much defines The Eye. It isn't as good as Ringu, but it's twice as scary.
The problem is that around here those films are so damn hard to get.
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1) evil dead 2
2) texas chainsaw massacre
3) halloween

i haven't seen the exorcist, yea go ahead, flame away

Evil Dead 2
The Omen
The Shining

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jason series
resident evil
the ring
tHOm yORKe

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Originally Posted by MichaelMyers
this thread was probobly used a million tiems already but i joined like 3 weeks ago so im making one. mine r
1) Halloween
2) the texas chainsaw massacre (the original)
3) the shining or the exsorsits (tied 4 third)
I would have to say...
1)-Evil Dead (The whole lot)
2)-Halloween/ The Shining( I just cant do it,theres 2 much 2 choose frm)
3)-Friday The 13th(Prt. 1,2,3,4,5)

I simply can't narrow it down between these films and there parts, Its impossible...
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1)Dawn of the Dead (2004)
2)Texas Chainsaw massacre (original and maybe 2 because it was freaking funny as hell)
3)BrainScan/Evil Dead series I dunno it's a tie in my book
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Pirates of The Carribean

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Fresh out of the oven! The Shining in 30 seconds, also re-enacted by bunnies.


Originally Posted by WelshBint
I like creepy chillers over all out horror, so I like:

The Eye (Jian gui)
The Blair Witch Project
The Shining

There are lots of great Chinese and Japanese horror films - including Satan Returns (666 mo gui fu huo) - but what I particularly like about these is the sometimes unintentionally hilarious subtitles, that have the ability to break your concentration.

For gore fests you can't beat early Peter Jackson - especially Braindead. And then there's always the good old zombie films, recently reinvented by 28 Days Later. I'm looking forward to watching Dawn of the Dead through my fingers....

For all fans of the Exorcist, you really must check out http://www.angryalien.com/0204/exorcistbunnies.html where the whole film is retold in 30 seconds by bunnies...

My 3 are

1) Halloween
2) The Shining
3) Alien (If you consider it horror)

overall favorites:

1. blair witch project
2. rosemary's baby
3. an american werewolf in london


1. blair witch

2. the ring [japanese version, cos i haint seen the remake - the tv part got me pretty good.]
3. the thing [john carpenter's only really worthwhile movie imo]

most overrated/worst:

1. i spit on your grave
2. driller killer
3. last house on the left

funniest [not really in the "so bad it's good" sense; these are ones i seriously enjoyed]:

1. an american werewolf in london
2. evil dead 2
3. nightmare on elm street [johnny depp sleeps through his own death!! friggin great!]

best 'slasher' films [not saying much, i dont really like these types]:

1. psycho
2. tenebre
3. [cant think of another one i even like enough to list as a 'best'. maybe 'halloween']

'body' horror:

1. videodrome
2. tetsuo
3. the fly

zombie [yay!]:

1. dellamorte dellamore [the dylan dog movie!]
2. rabid [vampyric armpit penis!]
3. dawn of the dead

Originally Posted by jshiman
Fresh out of the oven! The Shining in 30 seconds, also re-enacted by bunnies.

that shining thing was pretty funny. thnx i needed something to make me laugh.
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Oh, yeah, definately, yeah.
Army of Darkness
The Thing
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- Dawn of the Dead (2004)
- Resident Evil
- 28 Days Later

You can tell I like zombie flicks lol. Does anyone know any other movies like these ones (zombies, abandoned town, have to escape, blah blah blah)?Is Evil Dead like that? Or BrainDead? Thanks in advance.
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well i dunno about evil dead but if u like zombie flicks u should watch the original living dead series (night of the living dead, dawn of the dead and day of the dead) thats all i no i dont really like zombie flicks too much.

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Sleepy Hollow really really scared me as well.

1) Dead Alive ( slightly better than Bad Taste)
2) Evil Dead series
3) Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

...and if there was room Romero's Dead series
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Friday the 13th series (Freddy vs Jason included)
Nightmare on Elm st. Series
Jeepers Kreepers 2

movies don't scare me, but these here are good for plain entertainment