Guilty pleasure sci-fi babe film


I'm looking to find a movie that fits this description if it exists at all:
  • Sci-fi
  • Poorly written guilty pleasure, good satire that's self-aware, or something unironically great
  • Focuses on hot female protagonist without frequently cutting to annoying side characters like Barbarella does
  • Sex scene(s)
  • Fast-paced with little-to-no melodrama
  • Violent or exaggerated action scenes
  • Everything is pretty and not gross
  • Can be live-action with a high budget or animated
  • Can be in any language

Don't judge me for trying to find this. I have a wide variety of favourite films but feel like a film like this would fit in nicely with my collection. If you have anything close enough, please share.

There are so many like that. But I can never remember the titles.

Look for Roger Corman films.
Look for the names of the "scream queens". About 10 main ones. Look them up on IMDB. Almost any movie they are in will have what you want. Look for the SciFi ones.

Start here, then follow the suggested movies at the bottom. Keep going down the rabbit hole:

Here is another one:

Can't find an English version:

lifeforce and species are the closest to this