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Young Frankenstein

Let us go, Through certain half-deserted streets,
The muttering retreats
Of restless nights in one-night cheap hotels
And sawdust restaurants with oyster shells

From The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock by T.S.Eliot

Triplets Of Belleville

Cyberdine Systems Model 101
Rally 'Round the Flag, Boys!
Last 5 films Iíve seen

An American In Paris ****/*****
Once Upon A Time In China *****/*****
Father of the Bride ****/*****
Spartacus *****/*****
The Hidden Fortress ****/*****

You can view my review for each of those films at T-850's Reviews

Kaiser "The Devil" Soze
(somebody better end one in U before I go crazy)
And like that .... he's gone

Evil Dead

Down by Law

Wheels on Meals

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"It requires wisdom to understand wisdom: the music is nothing if the audience is deaf." - Walter Lippman

Time Bandits