A song for August


Señora DelMonte, she go BOOM!
Same as was done in previous tournaments of this type.....
  • Join in and drop out as you please
  • No set number of nominations, nominate on the fly
  • Max song duration: 10 minutes
  • No individual matches means no random or host 'fixing' the matches
  • Only one nomination per person per 'round'
  • Only those with songs nominated in any 'round' are eligible to vote; except the 'Final' where all those that have previously nominated a song in the month may vote should they wish

Every couple of days will be a new 'round' where any and all newly nominated songs are up against each other. As soon as voting starts for one 'round' nominations will be accepted for the next 'round'.

Players vote by ranking all the songs in that 'round' from 1 (their favourite) to n (their least favourite). Songs will be awarded points based on their positional ranking in each vote (number of points will depend on the number of songs contesting the 'round' - if 10 songs #1 song would get 10 points, #10 song would get 1 point).

The winning song from each 'round' (or songs in the case of a tie) goes through to the 'Final' at the end of the month.

Songs that made it to previous 'finals' are ineligible -
list here  

Simples but if any relevant questions just ask.
NomsPre-1930 Countdown

terrible, 0/5, not enough puppies.

Señora DelMonte, she go BOOM!
No idea what's going on. But I can't see "song" + "August" without thinking of Nikos Papazoglou's devastating ode to his dead sister.

Join the gang - I never have any idea what's going on and I'm usually the one that starts these things

Seriously though it's just a little fun tournament where people nominate songs and then vote on which ones they like more or less and at the end of the month we somehow end up with a winning song. Welcome to join in if you fancy.

Nice song btw.

So just nominate a song to "fight" against the others?
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Señora DelMonte, she go BOOM!
So just nominate a song to "fight" against the others?
Pretty much that yeah.
Here's a link to the previous one - easier than me half-arsedly explaining what happens

Señora DelMonte, she go BOOM!
For those new to these tourneys - song links need to be in external format (otherwise the post for each round is just far too large/cumbersome). To make a song link external:
1. Copy the url of the link you want (note this should be from the address bar as it has to contain the full format address of 'youtube.com' and not 'youtu.be')
2. Type the text of the artist and song in a response ... i.e. Clive Dunn - Grandad
3. Highlight that text
4. In the list of optional actions at the top of the response box (where italics, bold, underline etc. is) click the picture of a globe with 2 links of a chain underneath it
5. In the box that comes up paste the url you copied earlier
6. Edit the "www" in the box to "m"
7. Click ok and it will wrap the HTML for the link around the text and that's it

You can verify it looks ok and that it works by previewing the post in the 'Go Advanced' editing option.
Please note that it is very much preferred that nobody actually nominates Clive Dunn - Grandad at any point. Thank you

Señora DelMonte, she go BOOM!
Btw, what date do we have to submit our votes by?
Each round is two days in duration, players can vote and nominate for the next round (if they want to) whenever they want within that period. I tend to try to manage things around 9am my time as I'm generally quite free then.

Anyone can skip a round (or more) whenever they wish (or need to 'cos ya know .... life) by not nominating for the next round and simply rejoin by nominating another song whenever convenient to themselves.