Recast your favorite movies


Looking forward to it...
Hmm, I'm not too sure on Bean. Aside from looks I don't think he's got what I'm talking about when it comes analogues.

Fassbender has a quality of work that sort of matches DDL, there's a similar intensity in the performances (though, yes, Day-Lewis is miles above his) and they both have somewhat similar careers.

Look this all depends on how you want to play this game. For me there's a kind of challenge in recasting movie while thinking "if this were made today/then, how could I do in a way that movie would end up about the same?"

Edit: let me put it this way:

"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."

Looking forward to it...
He'd be good for that, but I just wouldn't substitute him in another Fassbender role. Some parts are less challenging than other. Not that I'm saying Sean Bean is bad actor, just that he wouldn't fit in many others.

The most unholy of recasts...


Colin Farrell - Rick Blaine

Rebecca Ferguson - Ilsa Lund

Matthew Goode - Victor Laszlo

Ralph Fiennes - Captain Louis Renault

Mark Strong - Major Heinrich Strasser

Brian Cox - Signor Ferrari

Michael Pitt - Signor Ugarte

Ah, thanks. He looked familiar, but couldn't place him. It's a fun cast for sure!

Been rattlin' this one round the old noggin for a while -

Drive (1985)
Directed by William Friedkin

William Petersen - The Driver

Jennifer Jason Leigh - Irene

Peter Falk - Shannon

John Turturro - Standard

Frank Vincent - Nino

Kathleen Turner - Blanche

and Jerry Lewis - Bernie Rose

Blue Velvet

Logan Lerman - Jeffrey Beaumont

Eva Green - Dorothy Vallens

Woody Harrelson - Frank Booth

Saoirse Ronan - Sandy Williams

Stanley Tucci - Ben

How about...







I'll admit that this isn't actually my idea but it is a good one.
This is OK but I would re-think Wendell Pierce...terrible actor, surely there's someone else you could put in that role.

I don't know if Wendell Pierce is right for that role, but the dude is awesome. The Bunk!

Not sure how many of you have seen this one, but it's a fave of mine:

The Seven-Per-Cent Solution
Directed by Wes Anderson

Ralph Fiennes - Sherlock Holmes

Edward Norton - Dr. Watson

Jeff Goldblum - Dr. Sigmund Freud

F. Murray Abraham - Professor Moriarty

Bill Murray - Mycroft Holmes

Jessica Chaistain - Lola Devereaux

Jason Schwartzman - Lowenstein

I also have this idea of a film version for The Catcher in the Rye.

The Catcher In The Rye (1992):

Holden Caulfield: Christian Bale

Personally, I always thought Jake Gyllenhaal would have made an awesome Holden Caulfield, even if he is a little bit too old for the role now.

The Silence of the Lambs

Brie Larson - Clarice Starling

Viggo Mortensen - Dr. Hannibal Lecter

Courtney B. Vance - Jack Crawford

Billy Crudup - Dr. Chilton

Jake Gyllenhaal - James "Buffalo Bill" Gumb

and Frankie Faison as Barney