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My dream is for Singin in the Rain to top the 50's list with Rear Window and Paths of Glory close behind.
I think that Ikiru would be my top stop in a 1950's movies list.

I don't think we should do a "foreign language" list. IMO the language a film is in is largely irrelevant and people should just watch films regardless. In a way it would help perpetuate the myth that "foreign" films are a separate genre when they aren't.

Happy to do films by country or area though - that would be interesting.

"Best Foreign Language Film" is a category at both the Academy Awards (Oscars) and the Golden Globes, though.

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The 50s list is up next, but what about after that?
The 40s? Or if people don't like the idea going slow with the older decades then maybe a list that covers the 20s, 30s, and 40s in one countdown.
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I think each of those three decades deserve their own list, but I'm curious how much participation we'd get if that's the way we went. But we usually have a list between decades list, or at least we've done it the last three times.

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We should do a full '40s list whenever we do it. We can do non-English-language or cult (may be hard to define).
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Yeah, we should at least give the 40s a full countdown.

I could come up with at least 15 Animated shows i love and could easily stretch it to 25 of ones i like. If we were to do it i'd watch a bunch of Anime though.

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I know Guapo and Zotis would be good for 25 each and there are some other anime fans. And I'm sure others who aren't that interested could give us at least 10. If necessary, we could make the list a top 50 instead of top 100.