Mofo Bros Top 100: A Raul and Sean Production

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I haven't seen American Splendor. Love Inglourious Basterds. I thought In the Mood for Love was gorgeous, but not my kind of movie. I've seen The Assassination of Jesse James two or three times and I just don't like it. That narration drives me nuts. I didn't care for Gravity or Sideways either.

Sean's Picks
97. Sunrise
96. Metropolis
92. M
90. The Killers
89. Rope
88. Citizen Kane
86. The Third Man
85. Sunset Boulevard
84. The Seventh Seal
82. Ikiru
81. All About Eve
79. War and Peace
78. The Graduate
76. The Birds
70. Field of Dreams
69. The Karate Kid
68. Back to the Future
66. Thief
65. Dances With Wolves
64. Braveheart
62. Jerry Maguire
61. Good Will Hunting
60. The Assassination of Jesse James
59. Inglourious Basterds
57. In the Mood for Love

Rauls Picks
99. Shoplifters
98. Florida Project
96. Witness for the Prosecution
95. Sunrise
94. Elephant Man
93. Her
91. Lost in Translation
90. Flight
84. Remember the Titans
81. Back to the Future
80. The Avengers
79. Dark Knight
78. Iron Man
75. Independence Day
71. Fargo
69. Ratatouille
68. High Noon
65. The Player
64. The Last Picture Show
63. Taxi Driver
62. Parasite
61. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

^ My favs so far, Sean makes a big comeback! Lots of movies from both I haven't seen yet and are already on my watch-list. Since the 2000's countdown is coming up, I'll start with; Grizzly Man, About Elly, Sideways, American Splendor and Antwone Fisher.

Dammit. This thread will take me ages to get through. But Iíll love every second of itÖ

Öexcept for the times where Iíll cry about not being able to get together with yíall and have the ultimate movie night. What a good time that would be

Also, Iím jealous (and slightly annoyed) every time I see a top 100 and is reminded that I donít have one. Double dammit.

Chaplin's masterpiece for me, and a film that definitely paved the way for how I felt about Black and White films and silents in general. Some good laughs too.

Pure Eastwood badassery. It was a great way to go out on his film career (but then he made a bunch of junk and the really cool Richard Jewell). His directing was just as great as his acting here. Love the soundtrack again, which has been a recurring theme in this top 100.

Gran Torino is pretty solid, though it wouldn't make my top 100.
Took a big fall from my laat list, probably the furthest fall. Still love it but a bunch have risen up.

Haven't seen it in a couple of years, but I dug Gran Torino.

I saw The Gold Rush last year I think, and I liked it a lot.
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I thought The Gold Rush was pretty good. No desire to watch it again, though.

I've avoided Gran Torino because I don't like Eastwood.

Too many movies to comment on! But on the other hand some nice choices!

Let's see, The Gold Rush and Gran Torino, now I'm starting to jive with Raul's list. Both awesome. Gravity, ahh...I'm betting everyone's love for it is from a theater viewing, watch it on a tiny screen held in your hand and Bullock will just sort of float away

Inglourious Basterds
, ugh and I was so liking Sean's list
In the Mood for Love inclusion! The Assassination of Jesse James, Sean redeems himself with what I consider to be one of the most perfect films ever made, and it's newer too Boohay!..The period correct vernacular of the film's spoken language utterly impresses me, cinematography and acting too. Oh Sideways was pretty cool as well.

The one central location thing is cool. So is the fact that it seems to go in continuous time. Really good acting by the jurors, with Fonda as my favorite.

Loved 12 Angry Men so much first watch. Still really liked it the second time but it definitely lost a bit for me. Pretty sure it was on my last 100.

I did it. I caught up. Some really awesome picks in here from the both of you. And I really like the style and presentation. I've seen a lot on here and most of what I haven't is already on my radar.

As I've said a number of times on this site, Gravity is a very small film made incredibly large. Frankly I had a bad cinema experience with it and much prefered it on a small screen in 2D where I could actually see WTF was going on. That does mean you don't get the tears traveling across from the screen to you, which was by far the best experience of the whole film, so despite not enjoying it in 3D (mainly because of the lack of light) I wouldn't swap it because of that one shot. Otherwise Raul's throwing out duds for me again. Well, that's not really fair because I've not seen them. It's just that I'd rather it stayed that way, with the exception of The Gold Rush, which I have seen and wish I hadn't.

As for Sean, well I already mentioned Sideways when Raul had it listed, but TAoJJbtCRF is a really amazing looking film. I don't usually care about cinematography because, for the most part, it either does the job of telling the story or gets in the way because a director wants to show off (I'm looking at you de Palma) but in this film it manages to be both beautiful, noticable and yet doesn't detract from the telling. I liked the film a lot. Not sure if I'd be able to sit through it now TBH, but it's an experience I look back on fondly.

Tarantino should've stopped in the 90's (much like the rest of the world) and IB is the last of his films I saw. It just doesn't work for me or really feel like a Tarantino film should. The dialogue has no snap and Christoph Waltz is so annoying. I really can't see what people like about his performance. I just found the whole thing pretty dull. Not a patch on the film whose title it stole.

I don't think I've seen the other two.
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Gorgeous film love the color and lighting. The performances from Bergman and Ullman are so fricken stellar. When I think of which film I want to rewatch most at this very moment this is always one that I think of. It will be gotten to again sooner rather than later. Bergman hits really big on this one for me.

Gorgeous animation and a bunch of touching scenes certainly. The film just entrances me, which is amazing since there isn't a lot of dialogue. Pixar is pretty good at this game.

Just such a powerful cast for me. Crowe, McAdams, Mirren, hell even Affleck delivers. Bateman is great in that mini role too. I think it's my favorite political thriller ever, and one of the more engaging films for me to watch.

Two movies I love back to back. Wall E is my third favorite Pixar and a big overall favorite. I donít love State of Play nearly as much as Wall E, but I really like the performances and the chemistry between Crowe and McAdams. Itís also the movie that made me stop hating Ben Affleck.

I ought to watch Autumn Sonata at some point. I liked 12 Angry Men well enough but itís not a favorite and never will be.