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Worst acronym of all time: GOAT


I kept reading Superbowl headlines today about Tom Brady "wearing the GOAT crown" or why "Tom Brady's win makes him the GOAT."

I kept thinking: "Why are they calling him the goat?" Back when I was a kid, in sports there were two terms the "hero" of the game and the "goat" with "hero" being self-explanatory, and the "goat" being the guy you blamed the loss on, a degrogatory term. That's why I was so confused. I'm pretty sure that the term "goat" came from Charles Schultz' "Peanuts" comics books, where Charlie Brown was called the "goat" when ever he dropped the pop fly ball.

So all day yesterday I was like "why are they calling Tom Brady the 'goat' when he won??"

"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."

Personally I always pronounce it 'Go-at' (though I do still type it without the hyphen) specifically to try and differentiate it and avoid any possible Charlie Brown confusion
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We've gone on holiday by mistake
You guys think GOAT is the WOAT!!!!! Personally I think GOAT is the confirmed GOAT!

We've gone on holiday by mistake
I have a username on a golf forum "WoodsGOAT"