You ready? You look ready
New series on Hulu about the opioid crisis and the culpability of the Sackler family and Purdue Pharma.

Starring Michael Keaton.

Based off the book by Beth Macy

Anyone else watched this yet? Some of y'all know I am pretty enthusiastic about my region, and it has been really difficult to watch this series because there isn't a single family in this area that hasn't been touched, or knows of a family that's been touched, by the opioid crisis. Yours truly included.
"This is that human freedom, which all boast that they possess, and which consists solely in the fact, that men are conscious of their own desire, but are ignorant of the causes whereby that desire has been determined." -Baruch Spinoza

I have heard a lot about this, and I expect it to be great if I get around to it.

Got it in my Hulu watchlist for the next time I join Hulu again.
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