MoFo Decade Lists Update?


I just wonder what is the resolution about updating the Decade Lists?

You know, people constantly watch films and change their lists as well as new users been joined during the last years...

There's no formal process: the community just sort of, as a whole, decides what to do next. Lately it's been customary to alternate decade (and here I'm including all-time lists as "decade," so it's really more "period-based lists") and everything else (often called "genre" even if it's something like foreign films).

There also seems to be a consensus that the next decade should be the most recent one before we start over, so to speak, but everyone will get to make their case! You can get a head start on that here:

Suggestions for future countdowns

The trick is not minding
We still need to do 2000-2009 and 2010-2019 before we turn our attention to updating the previous decades, and the there are the various genres and such that we also plan on unveiling.

Usually, we prefer to go decade, then genre, and then alternate, so it may take some time before we do return to them.