New York City Movies?


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Hello can anyone recommend me few movies about New York City? Doesnt matter abour genre, a just want to watch NYC urban landscapes.

The Naked City (1948). It's part New York City tour, part crime drama.
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Black Sunday (Bava, 1960)

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Clicky Here For Holden's excellent thread on NY films...
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Especially since the Christopher Cross song comes with.

I have to second Torgo: The Naked City (1948). But to see New York from the same era in colour, check out On the Town (1949) -- unfortunately, it was only partly filmed on location.

For the 1950s, the thirty seconds of live action at the end of the opening of North by Northwest (1959)
perfectly captures an impression of daytime NYC. For nighttime, James Wong Howe's cinematography in the Sweet Smell of Success (1957) cannot be beat.

For a comprehensive list of possibilities, see

Professional horse shoe straightener
Night on Earth
Frances Ha
Mean Streets (set in NY but shot in LA mostly)
Taxi Driver
There's a couple of Noah Baumbach films set in NY I think.

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