Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy


Director: James Gunn

Just read the news about Gunn been attached to write and direct so got me a bit excited and decided to start a thread on it(if there is one already, please do delete this one)

Here is some more info on the comic book--->LINK
I'm in movie heaven

Finally a comic book movie I might be able to really get on board with. Gunn is one of my favorite directors and the subject material seems suitably wacky. Looking forward to it.

I think this movie could be really awesome. I think I'll like it becasue I don't have any prior knowledge of the comic so, won't hear any fanboy complaining here. I think James Gunn is an awesome director! Slither is one of my favorite movies.

That first picture looks pretty damn awesome. I'm starting to get excited for this one!
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I have no clue about what any of this is but I just spotted a character above who looks like a cute Raccoon, so I'll be checking this out even if it does have that Scottish wooden actress out of Doctor Who in it. Bla. Hopefully she doesn't have a big part, also not a fan of Zoe Saldana. So will see it but not rushing to see it.

In defense he was very good as the Iron Giant. This seems to be a role very similar to that one so it should work out.
Plus he only has to say one thing so it should be hard to mess up.

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I read in an interview that Lloyd kaufman will be making a cameo appearence in the movie.

Raccoon?Is it a superhero or what?
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