piracy, yay or nay?


what do you buy, pirated software,games,dvd's,music or originals?
personally, as far as dvds are concerned, only originals ( the pirated stuff is usually bad quality and i do love them dvd boxes )

as far as music goes, a slightly different situation, i have a lot of mp3's ( 15.6gb to be exact ), and as a rule i first download all of my music ( bittorent style ) and only if i really like the album i buy it, and i buy all albums i really like....eventually.....( i'm not loaded so i can't buy them all at once )

software and games, all pirated, i don't believe i have a single peace of software that's legal, why? i don't have that kind of money, microsoft word costs like 200$ or summat, not to mention corel, photoshop and the likes.....200$ or 3$...hmmm.....toughy......

i'd be bancrupt if i actually bought all of it....also, i think software and games are horribly overpriced, if they nocked down the prices i'm sure there wold be much less pirated software arround...

oh, and you can try to explain that piracy is steeling till you're blue in the face but i just can't feel guilty for not making bill gates richer....sorry.....i'm not feeling it....intellectual property just isn't tangible enough for me to feel like i'm actually stealing.....

It depends on how much you "steal". Like for me, with music, if there is only one or two songs on an album that I would want to have, I will download it. If I like more than 3 then I will buy the album. However, I collect vinyl so I will always buy it on LP even if it is just one song I like on the album.

As for software, I usually know of someone who has what I'm looking for. I have purchased some software but the money I paid for it with was from a grant from my university. If I didn't have the grant and friends didn't have it, then I probably would probably "steal" it.

Movies are another story, I will only purchase DVDs. At Christmas I tell people I want DVDs if they are not sure what to get me...I usually end up with 3 or 4 each christmas. So I will buy the movies I want to keep or rent the movies I don't want to have in my collection.

As for games...I am an old school Nintendo freak! So I find old games at yard sales and such. Other than that I will play Playstation at friend's homes or play online games such as card games...I am not much into downloading games that I rarely have time to play anyway.

Music downloading is good to find new bands to listen to. I will search for similar artists to the ones I already like and I find other bands I end up loving to death. This is how I found The Dresden Dolls, one of my favorite bands currently.

For music, if it's only a song or two I'll download it for free. To me it's no different than listening to the radio for free.

For software all my stuff is legit, simply because I don't use this computer for anything more than getting on the internet or photo editing.

All my video games are legit. I'm dumb for paying so much for them, but I do buy used ones when I can.

90% of my DVD's are legit. I do buy some bootleg ones if I'm not sure I'll like the movie, if the DVD just costs too much, or in some cases the bootleg just comes out way earlier than the legit copy. I'm not talking about the camcorder-in-a-theater bootlegs, but the really good ones (with good covers). I gave up on Blockbuster because they had so many scratched discs.

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piracy, yay or nay?
Nay… ... if I can't afford it, I just don't have it…
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Neat. I owe a little bit. Most of what I download is OOP so I don't download much. I like to own stuff anyway, so if I can find it I buy it.

I'm talking music here, by the way. I don't download anything else.

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Neat. I owe a little bit. Most of what I download is OOP so I don't download much. I like to own stuff anyway, so if I can find it I buy it.

I'm talking music here, by the way. I don't download anything else.

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