Favorite Stand-Up Comedians?


It's great to see the Mort Sahl love. Extremely influential. I happen to be enamored with both his and Lenny Bruce's later forays into political material. They're not standard comic fare, but with Bruce some of my fave LPs are The Law, Language and Lenny Bruce and The Berkeley Concert, despite the poor reputation of that era of his work. Not exactly wham-bam funny, but fascinating stuff for the interested listener. This era also coincides with my fave Dick Gregory LPs like Frankenstein, Light Side/Dark Side and Caught in the Act, which also venture into deep politics. more monologue than straight jokes. It's a shame about Gregory's descent into chemtrail conspiricism, but it could be worse, he could have been Cosby. I kept all of my Cosby LPs as well, but I get too pissed to listen to them anymore. I also love the early LPs of Bob Newhart and Woody Allen.

Richard Pryor is my absolute favorite comedian, but I don't know what else to say that hasn't already been said. Carlin is great, but I prefer his crustier later period to his 70s era, starting around What Am I Doing In Jersey? through to the end. The only poor release was Complaints and Grievances, which we now know was botched due to his having to excise the central bit, "I Kinda Like It When a Lot of People Die" after 9/11, but that's since been released as well. My favorite comedians of the 70s are the more meta ones: Andy Kaufman, Albert Brooks, Steve Martin, Robin Williams.

Has Sam Kinison not been mentioned yet? Unfortunately a lot of comedians are badly dated due to their abhorent attitudes toward homosexuals, but Kinison was a force of nature. Bill Hicks is justifiably legend, and probably the most bootlegged comedian I can think of. Among my 80s faves would be Garry Shandling and Richard Lewis, Louie Anderson and Kevin Meaney. Dennis Miller was excellent before his mid-life crisis. It's worth revisiting prime work by Roseanne Barr and Whoopi Goldberg (respectively I Enjoy Being a Girl and The Spook Show) to remind people how funny they used to be.

Bernie Mac has to be the greatest comedian of the 90s, and I'm not sure how it's even close, unless, again, the "sissy" thing. Dave Chappelle is easily the most electric and compelling comedian working today. Chris Rock has cooled from his early 00s peak. Some more recent favorites would be Paul F Tompkins, Maria Bamford, Dana Gould, Doug Stanhope, Jen Kirkman, Kevin Hart, Bill Burr, John Mulaney.

I suppose most recently I was impressed by Sam Morril. Really solid set.

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Good story about Davidoff. I'll start with his Filthy Operation (2010), then move up from there. Also will investigate Hedberg.

Yeah Gregory was good early on, and was good in a few movies. Then he degenerated into politics, and became an embarrassment.

I just found this on YouTube... I'm gonna watch it today to start out my day with some laughter. Hope the others check this out, too.

[Dov Davidoff]I just found this on YouTube... I'm gonna watch it today to start out my day with some laughter. Hope the others check this out, too.
Thanks for the link. I was having trouble getting streams from my usual sources...

Anthony Jeselnik
Chris D’elia
Kevin Hart
Joe Rogan

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Do you have to be South African to appreciate him?
Not really. I mean Trevor Noah is from South Africa and he's popular internationally. I saw two of Rob's films as well (a mockumentary about a music band and a popular "joke" character among Afrikaners) and he's pretty funny. But he will be playing a different role in October: he's playing the driller killer in the remake of Slumber Party Massacre.

I just do not get this guy. Is that comedy? Cos it sure dont seem like much fun.
Chris Rock has cooled from his early 00s peak.
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South African comedian Rob van Vuuren

I just do not get this guy. Is that comedy? Cos it sure dont seem like much fun.
It gets pretty dark. He did a bit about assisting his mother's suicide, for example. Acquired taste perhaps. I like him ultimately because several of his shows have the effect of rotating between hating the guy and somehow winning me over with a great line. I appreciate the provocation, even if he's a bit of a <unt.

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I just do not get this guy. Is that comedy? Cos it sure dont seem like much fun.

He's in my Top 10... I've seen him four times, and hung out with him and a few others in Chicago.. He was a nice guy, good conversationalist, gave me a great book, and a ride to my hostel and the airport (via taxi, our flights weren't far apart).. However, the last time I saw him live, he was recycling, and kinda dumbing it down. Maybe this is why he's writing books? His stuff on YouTube is sparse, and not necessarily very good, especially the people around him

His first handful of video specials were great, but his last one was the first sign of him going downhill. But he admits he's lazy, so if he thinks he has enough money or doesn't wanna work anymore, more power to him.

I don't guess that Eddie Izzard does stand-up or concerts any more, but his "Star Wars Canteen" bit still remains one of the funniest, laugh out loud routines I've ever seen.

In this vid, the Canteen bit starts at about 2 minutes in, and the first 2 minutes are a nice lead in. This was a small portion of his hour long show from that year's tour.

Going to see Normand in Tampa on NYE. Pumped. That dude is like my spirit animal ha.
Should follow up. Normand set the place on fire. He is fantastic live if you get a chance. Had tickets to see Tim Dillon but had to bail on it . Normand, Dillon and Schulz are my favorites right now. Schulz getting to big to see, he is on small arena tour now. I love everything these three do from their podcasts to their stand up. I hope they get a shot at shows or movies if they want to.

Sam Morrill, Andrew Santino, Kyle Dunningan, Shane Gillis, Dan Soder are all good too but I tend to like either their stand up or podcast personalities a little more. Dunnigan and Gillis have amazing skit shows better than what SNL is putting out online.
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The Schulz phenomenon is lost on me. I’ve tried multiple times but I think it’s an age gap think.

Tim Dillon is great, but I had to give up because of the stuff he talks about. Not really a lot of bright and cheery stuff. Fake Business will always be one of the funniest bits I’ve ever heard.

Gillis. His videos prove the SNL gig.

Soder is one of the best riffing, but his material is not the strongest.

1. Bill Burr
2. Dave Chappelle
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The voice of Comedy Central (when that meant something) has returned!!!

😭 😂 😭

_____ is the most important thing in my life…

The voice of Comedy Central (when that meant something) has returned!!!

😭 😂 😭

Gonna pull the, "nobody likes comedy card". JKJKJK

"Thank you for not killing us"

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Any 8-bit fans, at least watch the intro.
Then slide over to 1:16:32 for podcast material
Kinda like Tim Dillon, it works in one forum, not so much on stage

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Bill Burr just released one. I'm not really into 20 minutes in, but musicians also have a 10-15 life. Almost like when musicians play their music in another key because they don't have it anymore.

I either need to laugh inside or out, but he seems to have said it already on his podcast, which must be watering down comedy. Maybe I'll smoke another joint and hopefully it picks up.

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I think “hour specials” are close to being extinct, because they have changed so drastically from what they use to be.

Can you elaborate? I'm not sure, because for me, they're not what they used to be in terms of quality (laughter - inside or out) and I watch less and less. It seems like the podcast form, where a guy sits for hours talks mostly nothing, but a few funny parts, mixed in with stand-up.

Another part is the live comedy shows or festivals. I quit going after the last couple shows (Stanhope, CK) were full of audience members who were drunk and/or kept screaming. If you miss half the act, you're not going to get the punch-line, what's going on.. No different than the movie theater where people are talking, phones going off, but then I'll watch Mort Sahl from 2002, a show I've seen a dozen times, and laugh every time, and usually discover something I didn't notice the time before. Hell, even in his 90s. But he was never the type of comedian to hold back. "Are there any groups I haven't offended?"