Challenge: One Film for every Country


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Do half of those Caribbean islands have a film industry?

Probably not. I included all NATO accepted nations knowing full well that some of them are not going to have produced any films. At some point I will look them up individually and see which ones are eligible for this. For now I am content to add to my list by watching films from those countries I am missing.

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Thanks @pahaK. I already have Cemetery of Splendor in mind as a Thai film for this. I may catch your suggestion later on though.

On another note, a few hours ago I was checking country submissions for the Foreign Language Academy Award and got a lot of material to cover several other countries. I will work a bit on that next week and get some more out of the way.

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One step closer after watching Son of Saul from Hungary. Thinking of crossing off Chile as well soon, with Neruda.

Anyone else interesting in getting into this?

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Updating this by adding three more countries covered: Algeria, Taiwan and Finland.

Does anyone have suggestions for films from the countries I am missing?

I already have films in mind for the following:

For Belgium The Broken Circle Breakdown is well worth a watch

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For Belgium The Broken Circle Breakdown is well worth a watch

I assume you mean in general because Belgium is already covered in my list at the second post.

I assume you mean in general because Belgium is already covered in my list at the second post.
Ah sorry, iggy that then.

Let's see. I'll talk about stuff that I've either watched or know that there are available copies on the internet.

Albania - Alive! (Artan Minarolli, 2009) is the one I've watched, it's fine. There's a few more available ones.
Andorra - No idea. There's various co-productions with Spain or France.
Belarus - I have The Brest fortress and In the fog in my watchlist. I haven't seen either, but they were easy to find if I remember well.
Bulgaria - The one I've watched is Avé (Konstantin Bojanov, 2011) but it's kind of meh. The peach thief and The goat horn are classics but I haven't watched them yet.
Cyprus - I haven't seen it yet but Fish n' Chips (Elias Demetriou, 2011) seems good and is findable I think.
Kosovo - Babai (Visar Molina, 2015) is the one I saw and meh. Isa Qosja's films are findable and they're good apparently.
Latvia - Dawn (Laila Pakalnina, 2015) is quite cool.
Liechtenstein - The only one I think that is available is some random sexploit by Jess Franco so...
Lithuania - Sharunas Bartas' filmography is the most clear answer. The summer of Sangaile could work as well. I have only watched Three days from Bartas and wasn't much of a fan.
Luxembourg - There's some works by Pol Cruchten, I haven't watched them though.
Malta - I downloaded a version of Adormidera (Raymond Mizzi, 2013), so I know it exists. I can't say if it's worth or not though.
Moldova - The unsaved (Igor Cobileanski, 2013) can be found. Haven't watched it though.
Monaco - Absolutely no idea.
Montenegro - I have tried, but I don't find anything available.
Portugal - There are plenty! Oliveira alone has a large filmography, there's also Pedro Costa, Miguel Gomes, Paulo Rocha. My favourite Portuguese movie is Frágil como o mundo (Rita Azevedo Gomes, 2002), though.
San Marino - No idea.
Slovakia - I've heard good things about The Garden (Martin Sulík, 1995). Or if you want to pick Czechoslovakian movies (from the Slovakian side) a great and quite essential one is The shop on Main Street.
Slovenia - Perhaps the most I've heard of is Odgrobadogroba (Jan Cvitkovic, 2005,), but I never saw it, so...
Ukraine - Haven't seen anything, The Tribe is mildly famous.
Vatican City - Literally nothing exists. Only a few foreigners being allowed to film stuff in there from time to time.

That's all for Europe. I'll check the other ones later.

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@jal90 major props for the effort and thank you for the titles. This post will come in handy indeed.

I am looking forward to your input on other continents as well should you get time and if you are interested I am intrigued to see how you would do in this so far.

PS. I am surprised at myself for never having watched a Polish film before but I did so today with Polanski's Knife in the Water. So one more down.

If anyone can tell me where i can find Pr' Hostar (2016), with subtitles, I will give them a free rep!
My Favorite Films

I'm glad you found it useful! This seems fun to do, so I'll go on. Time for Asia:

Afghanistan - Osama (Siddiq Barmak, 2003) is excellent. Atiq Rahimi's The patience stone and Earth and ashes can be found as well.
Azerbaijan - Never watched anything but the one with better prospects is Nabat (Elchin Musaoglu, 2014).
Bahrain - I've only watched and known of the existence online of a short (and a quite bad one), unfortunately
Bangladesh - I watched On the wings of dreams (Golam Rabbany Biplob, 2007), it's very good. There's also A river called Titas (Ritwik Ghatak,1973) and The clay bird (Tareque Masud, 2002) which are highly acclaimed.
Bhutan - The cup (Khyentse Norbu, 1999) Milarepa (Neten Chokling, 2006) and Travellers and magicians (Khyentse Norbu, 2008) have been available for a long while. Watched none though.
Brunei - I haven't been able to find anything.
Iraq - Haven't seen it, but from Mohamed Al Daradji (the most prominent director so far I think) Son of Babylon seems mildly mainstream and is easy to find. Ahlaam too.
Jordan - I'd say the easiest is Theeb (Naji Abu Nowar, 2014), which seems pretty good as well. Before that the famous and accessible one was Captain Abu Raed (Amin Matalka, 2008).
Kazakhstan - Darezhan Omirbayev is the most prominent director (Cardiogramma was ok, Kairat was meh), but from what I've heard Harmony lessons (Emir Baigazin, 2013) is really good.
Kuwait - I could only find two films by Khalid Al Siddiq, Cruel sea and The wedding of Zein, watched none.
Kyrgyzstan - The filmography of Aktan Arym Kubat is findable, I watched two, they were fine. My favorite was The light thief.
Laos - I found At the horizon (Anysay Keola, 2011) back when SMz existed. I have yet to watch it but apparently it's quite good?
Malaysia - Never checked but many should be findable, it's not a well-known filmography but it has its fans. I watched Love conquers all (Tan Chui Mui, 2006), which is okay.
Maldives - None that I know. Been trying to find Ingili for a while, but I haven't yet.
Mongolia - Haven't watched it but The story of the weeping camel (Byambasuren Davaa & Luigi Falorni, 2003) is the most famous by far. Also really obscure but I found Tsogt taij which is cool because it's a Mongol film from the 40s.
Myanmar - Return to Burma and Poor folk by Midi Z are the only ones I could find.
North Korea - Check this channel. The only one I watched is
Oman - Al-Boom (Khaled AbdulRahim Al-Zadjali, 2008) is findable, haven't watched it though.
Pakistan - Dracula in Pakistan (Khwaja Sarfraz, 1967), Silent waters (Sabiha Sumar, 2003) and Daughter (Afia Nathaniel, 2014) are findable. The second is particularly well-renowned.
Philippines - Quite an amount, Lav Diaz, Raya Martin (watched Independencia), Brillante Mendoza and Lino Brocka are the most famous directors, but there's even quite obscure stuff from the 50s.
Qatar - I don't know where it was but apparently you can find They (Anahita Ghazvinizadeh, 2017).
Saudi Arabia - Wadjda (Haifaa Al-Mansour, 2012) is I think the only one that can be found.
Singapore - Watched none, but there's plenty actually! With stuff like Ilo Ilo (Anthony Chen, 2013) and the animated Tatsumi (Eric Khoo, 2011) being the ones I have the highest hopes for.
Sri Lanka - Another case of there being many available despite being unknown for the most part (seems like a trend for East Asian countries). I have watched Fire on ice (Prassana Vithanage, 1991), which was... eh, okay. Changes in the village (Lester James Peries, 1963) is apparently quite good, and Machan (Uberto Pasolini, 2008) has a very good average in IMDb but I never found it online.
Syria - I only watched an animated feature which I would never recommend if not for blind curiosity. The extras (Nabil Maleh, 1993) is on YouTube uploaded by the director and The dupes (Tewfik Saleh, 1973) is findable and for those who watched it it's masterpiece tier.
Tajikistan - Watched one, Angel on the right (Djamshed Usmonov, 2002). It's more or less good.
Timor-Leste - The first feature ever made in the country, Beatriz's war (Luigi Acquisto & Bety Reis, 2013) is easy to find.
Turkmenistan - Little angel, make me happy (Uzmaan Saparov, 1993) is findable, I don't know if it's good.
United Arab Emirates - I found City of life (Ali F. Mostafa, 2009) but I don't know if it's good or not.
Uzbekistan - I only got Bo Ba Bu (Ali Khamraev, 1998) at the time... no idea how it is.
Yemen - The most famous and easiest to find is I am Nojoom, age 10 and divorced (Khadija Al-Salami, 2014).

Oh, and from Malta Gagga (Mario Azzopardi, 1971) is out there with English subs. It's probably an easier find than the one I told you. The average and reviews in IMDb are a hilarious mess though, but so were for the one I told you, so I dunno xD

There 's your rep!!!

Let's see. I'll talk about stuff that I've either watched or know that there are available copies on the internet.

You might find Mandariinid from Georgia online.. Really should have won the Oscar that year. Went to Ida.

You might find Mandariinid from Georgia online.. Really should have won the Oscar that year. Went to Ida.
Oh yep, it's great! Though it's a co-production between Estonia and Georgia and it turned that @Jabs had already picked one movie from both countries xD

And agreed, it was better than Ida (so was Wild tales). But I don't mind, the three were good movies.

Klass was class. But Tangerines just had that Oscar ring to it. And very recent too.

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Klass was class. But Tangerines just had that Oscar ring to it. And very recent too.

Tangerines is indeed the one I have earmarked for Estonia in this challenge. A Chef in Love is the one I have for Georgia. It is the first film they submitted for the Academy and it actually made the shortlist.

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Managed to knock a couple more countries off my list last week. Kazakhstan with Mongol and Ecuador with Ratas, Ratones y Rateros.