What are you eating and/or drinking right now?


Two shredded beef tacos, a beef, bean a cheese burrito and a can of root beer.
From where?

Fried rice, Yummy
Passion Power

Celeste Cheesy Garlic Breadsticks with Marinara Sauce for dipping.
Now i am hungry again

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I love Chinese Food (and gyros)... I always get plain low-mein noodles, rangoons, egg rolls. I even love fortune cookies! I went shopping yesterday, got the same usual stuff. The supermarket I go to has been out of pomegranates, I did some bananas, vanilla ice cream, pita bread, hummus, On The Border nachos, this local homemade salsa. The pretzels bites (with cheese) were on sale, so I bought a lot of those.. I bought some Cherry Tart concentrate, which I mix with water. I notice most of the food I buy isn't too healthy. I did buy some Cinnamon Oatmeal that was on sale to mix with the plain Oatmeal for balance.

Home from work and just had a banana and a malt milk. I am absolutely hammered from work today and I need energy.
“The Universe is under no obligation to make sense to you.”
― Neil deGrasse Tyson