Best movie of 2019


What was the best movie of 2019?
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Ad Astra
2 votes
Avengers End Game
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A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood
4 votes
5 votes
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Lion King
2 votes
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
7 votes
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Spider-Man Far From Home
17 votes
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"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."

From the list, Parasite. To be honest, this has been a great year for films, since maybe 2011. Lion King is probably the worst of the year. A cash grab without a soul. Remove that and add I lost my body.
My Favorite Films

From the list, Parasite. To be honest, this has been a great year for films, since maybe 2011. Lion King is probably the worst of the year. A cash grab without a soul. Remove that and add I lost my body.
Or Marriage Story.

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Really ??? where is Ford v Ferrari ? you want us to pick from the movies you like ? screw you...Ford v ferrari >>>> all the movies on this list combined...what an insecure question.

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Can't decide between those two... maybe throw Booksmart or Doctor Sleep in there

The more I think about the details of The Last Black Man in San Francisco the more I consider the best movie of this year and one of my personal favorites. If I had to pick another it would be Joker.

From the list:- Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

But I haven't seen Ad Astra, Irishman, Parasite, Spider-Man Far From Home.

But my favorite movie so far is Booksmart.

Why isn't Ford Vs Ferrari in there? For me it was the best movie of last year.

Apart from that I enjoyed OUATIH, Ad Astra, Irishman and Joker from the list. Also, I would put Shazam and Captain Marvel over the Spiderman movie. Those two and Endgame were the better superhero flicks.

I haven't watched Parasite yet, but intend to.

Importantly, Lion King was ****e.

Admittedly I can't comment on the visual side of things, but I don't understand why Ad Astra has been rated so highly by so many people. It's essentially a sci-fi version of Apocalyspe Now, and of those 2 I know which one I'd prefer to sit through again.

Lion King is closer to the discussion of the worst for the year, not the best. A souless, dull and unimaginative cashgrab.

The strength of Joker is built around a terrific central performance by Joaquin Phoenix, but it does borrow heavily from King of Comedy, and often a great performance can carry and even colour people's opinions of the movie as a whole. Judy has an incredibly immersive performance by Renee Zellweger in that biopic and none the less deserving of praise in a similiar way.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was good, however I can understand the criticism that it has incurred. Well written, directed and acted but does have it's flaws also.

While both Spiderman or Avengers were huge hits at the Box Office, although that can be attributed to both having built in fanbases and not because these films alone are absolutely the best. Neither by them deserve to be in the discussion of best film of the year. Let's face it, Avengers is the Return of the Jedi to Infinity War's Empire Strikes Bsck - in other words, good but still a step down from it''s predecessor.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood was solid for what it was, but there was nothing exceptional about it that makes it stand out from the crowd. Couple of years from now, it will probably be a footnote, even for Tom Hanks fans.

Parasite was good, but as I rely on AD it was hard at times to fully appreciate, so perhaps not rate it to the same degree as others do, but still in my top 5.

The Irishman does deserve it's place in the discussion for best of the year. A more introspective reflection and dare say a farewell to the gangster movies that Scorcese and then3 lead actors involved have built much of their reputations on.

The likes of Le Mans '66 & Motherless Brooklyn are both well deserving of discussion though.

I don't like cars and never even driven, but it doesn't matter because Le Mans '66 is an engrossing story with 2 strong performances by Matt Damon and especially Christian Bale, while the noir Motherless Brooklyn has so many great elements to it in terms of characters, story and soundtrack that makes it live in the memory far more than many other films throughout the year. So along with The Irishman, these are the 3 that are the contenders for my personal choice for film of the year, and juat outside of those sit Blinded by the Light and Parasite.

For me definitely Parasite

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'The Lighthouse' is easily the best film of 2019.

2. Pain and Glory
3. Leto
4. Capernaum
5. Monos
6. Birds of Passage
7. Parasite
8. And Breathe Normally
9. Happy as Lazzaro
10 Ms Purple

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Instead of just mentioning my favorite movie of 2019 I'll just kinda show off my rankings in general.

Favorite movies of 2019
Portrait Of A Lady On Fire
(One of the best romance stories I've ever seen)
Jojo Rabbit

The Irishman


Most underrated movies of 2019
Once Upon A Time In Hollywood
(In terms of Tarantino at least, just like The Hateful Eight it's one of his more divisive works)
Ad Astra

Long Shot
(Purely for Seth Rogen fans)

Horror can still rock sometimes
Doctor Sleep

(Unpopular opinion: I prefer it over Get Out.)
(It doesn't have the best last act, but is a very intriguing watch)

Most unremarkable movie of 2019
Last Christmas
(It's okay, I guess... Cheesy and unbelievable at points, but passable)

Worst movie of 2019
It: Chapter Two
(This brings out the cynic in me again when it comes to modern horror)

I vote for Parasite.