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Anyways, well, I don't know honestly. A lot of things came into play I think. First off, who knows if I was high on something and this will suck on a future watch, though to be frank, I quite doubt it. I may expect it to drop to 3/5, but that's still a fairly good movie to me. So yeah.

It is indeed the highest rated for the series, the closets being Extinction with 2.5/5. I think the two are slightly familiar, in the way that they feel like deserted survival flicks in a way, more so than the others. Final Chapter was actually a bit longer than some of the others, yet I saw the time fly by pretty fast. I feel like this movie had a better tempo to it and it was like it was constantly moving and didn't try to overcrowd things too much with plot, characters and so forth.

I had also just accepted what these films had become by now, but the previous films felt so crowded by stuff I didn't care about and/or degraded the film. This felt so much like a straight forward action flick and the story elements was actually some I didn't mind was answered. I think Final Chapter may have done to me, what Retribution did to you.

The movie was edited to pieces in its attempt to pull of some Fury Road style editing, while also wanting to borrow a little from the film overall as well. But honestly, while full of quick cuts, there weren't a lot of shaky cam, which did make it easier to see what was going on. I honestly didn't find it as bad as some people has made it out to be.

Anyways, it was a fun action thrill and I just got set up with a new high-end sound system, which definitely helped with the experience.

But yes... I'm surprised... at this point in the series. I guess the pain was worth it.
Intriguing. I guess if your expectations were already pretty low then it would be more likely to impress by default - I do get that sometimes when I'm running through a series and am more likely to be optimistic about the series' supposed low points than its high points (I'm definitely reconsidering the merits of 2 Fast 2 Furious and Tokyo Drift in hindsight - speaking of which, I wonder if I can consider this to be payback for me watching the whole Fast series). You're not wrong about the editing, but like I noted in my review it's weird how easy it was to get used to the choppiness of it all, almost like it was a Bourne movie or something.
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.

Yeah. I think I noticed the editing style but wasn't bothered with it at all. I think people's comments about it made me focus more on it than I maybe would have. But yes, kinda like a Bourne film. Not the best quick cut shaky cam stuff I've seen, but it was fine.

Indeed, my expectations were low. It probably helped a bit.

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White Heat (1949)

I watched the first 20 minutes last week but shut it off until my wife could watch it. We're both huge crime/gangster film fans, and I don't know how I overlooked this for so long, because it's one of the best. James Cagney is awesome in it playing what is now one of my favorite characters. I imagine it's a very influential movie as it reminded me of many favorites that would be made years later.

Children of Paradise (1945)

I watched this for the 40's countdown because it's on Ebert's great movie list. It's 3 hours and 10 minutes of brilliance, and although I'll respect and admire it more than I'll consider it a personal favorite, I enjoyed it immensely. It seems that it's regarded by many to be the greatest French film ever made, and the story of it's production could be a film all by itself. It's set in Paris in the 1800's with two parts; the first part and then 7 years later. You've got this woman of questionable repute who goes by the name of Garance, and guys love this chick. The story follows her and four men who love her; an actor, a guy who works as a mime, a count, and a vicious criminal. Garance is played by a brilliant actress named Arletty. I don't think she's a ravishing beauty, but the character's attitude and the performance makes all of the adoration very believable. It's about unrequited love, lost love, loneliness, and all that good crap. I thought it was epic.

Think you used enough dynamite there, Butch?
White Heat was on my original list for the 40's List. I AM surprised it took you so long, cricket to see it. But glad you did
- This is one of those films where I liked it on first viewing but I feel like watching it again might actually make me dislike it, but that's pretentious existentialism for you.

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Children of Paradise indeed is a five star masterpiece. I rate White Heat four and a half, too, as well. Well done!
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Taxi Driver - 9/10

Paul Schrader and one of the truly great stories.. who became a heck of a director, himself. It's online, by the way.. Everything is written, even the look, with one exception, when Travis is in front of the mirror.. (Are you talking to me?).. Interesting to hear Marty say he was influenced by Fassbinder's "Merchant of Four Seasons"... I think this is De Niro's best role.

Got a question... Remember when Travis says to himself "No more pills" but then later on, takes a pill.. Anyone else notice?

1st Re-watch since it won the Oscar for Best Picture...I enjoyed it more this time than I did the first time. I'm still not sure it deserved the Best Picture Oscar, but I still think the last 20 minutes of the film are the best last 20 minutes of a film EVER! My original rating will stand:

Intolerable Cruelty (2003)


Nobody ever talks about this movie...I think it's one of the Cohens' most underrated movies and George Clooney delivers one of his best performances.

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All the King's Men (1949)

I can understand why this won best picture as it's a well executed and finely acted film. It's about a decent man who rises in politics, becomes corrupt, and his eventual fall. There's a good bit of melodrama thrown in. I can understand why it doesn't have a huge following as I didn't find it particularly memorable. It's a very good movie.

This really is a genial film like everyone says it is. Henry Fonda is the only one of the twelve jurors who believes, or is in fact reasonable, strong and good enough to believe a kid who's accused of killing his father is innocent. In the beginning, at least. But they all fall down one by one,each for his own reason. The quintessence of the movie is that it's not a crime movie in fact in it's heart. It's a psychological drama, a study of twelve different human conditions. We have him, who is good, a racist, a sadist, a psychopath (and this one made me laugh, I have to admit. It was hot, so in the beginning he voted guilty, just because it was in the majority, and he wanted to get out of there,but as it turned around, and he stilljust wanted to get out of there, he voted innocent), a dummie (Robert Webber in one of his early roles), another idiot who must do everything by the book etc. In the end Fonda wins, and it's clear the kid is innocent.

My favorite scene is when Fonda gets to the sadist, who starts yelling he'll kill him, just after they were talking about how when someone does that, it doesn't necessarily mean they mean it, as the kid was supposedly yelling it.

You don't really mean you'll kill me, do you?

I can NOT fbelieve I forgot to dedicate this to Chris a.k.a. Yoda!

So, i'm erasing that unforgivable mistake here.

I'm dedicating this to Chris.

Well, where to begin Gid? With that I liked it best out of all the classics I've seen this year? I know I'll spoil my coumtdown, but what a heck. I like it better than Citizen Kane (sorry Rules, I'm still not revealing anything about it though), The Godfather, Casablanca, Rging Bull, Psycho, Vertigo, 12 Angry Men, The Third Man you get the picture.

I admit that I, like most, hated musicals in general until I've seen this. I also admit I came in with extremely low expectations. And I even hated it for the first almost 3 hrs. I don't think it was only because of the expectations, I really didn't like it, except for the almost comic book-like sequence at the beginning. But then...James suddenly gets 100% serious after loosing the job, but you don't even have the time for that. To feel sorry for him. Because, while he's waking up from a sleep on drugs, Judy's talking just outside to the menager, saying how she should stop her career (the only thing he ever had) because she was neglecting him and needs to devote much more time to him. He hears it and walks right into the Pacific ocean. Of course she must've realized that he may not be sleeping any longer, at least it was risky. But even so, she resurrected him in the very final scene.

No doubt the most heart-breaking classic I've ever seen, I cried the entire day like a little baby. And that's the genius of it - you get drawn in this musical, with her singing silly songs for 3 hrs, and then all of a sudden all THIS!

Um Historia de Amor e Furia (2013)

Mediocre and cliche but get's an A for effort. Brazil needs to make a hundred of adult animations before they hit the gold and make a good one, this is the second adult Brazilian full length animation film that I watched. Better than Moana though.


I am a vegan so this one was always going to do something to me emotionally and I sometimes wish people see animals the way I do. This movie mostly focuses on the corporation side of the meat industry but by all means does not brush over how factory farming works. I think the actors did a decent job but nothing spectacular except perhaps Tilda Swinton which played over the top quite well. Jake Gyllenhaal was also good as a quirky washing up Vet personality I just wished he did something more. The Korean actor Seo-Hyun Ahn did a good job of showing emotion that was needed to make the film more impactful. There is not much more I can say but just say to all people that eat meat to watch this and let me know if you had a different view of how the meat industry works in the real world.

Heart score 4.5/5 Stars
Head score 3/5 Stars
Consumers will eat everything except the sequel

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A Ghost Story -

Me during the first 30 minutes: oh boy, it's going to be like a spooky version of Manchester by the Sea, yippee.
Me during the rest of it: holy f*ck.

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A Ghost Story -

Me during the first 30 minutes: oh boy, it's going to be like a spooky version of Manchester by the Sea, yippee.
Me during the rest of it: holy f*ck.

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