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Fargo (1996) -
Oh Yeah....

I LOVED her ^^^

She's simply amazing in everything she does. For those who like her and haven't seen "Olive Kitteridge" (4 part mini series) - I would strongly recommend it. Her and Richard Jenkins give some of the most amazing screen chemistry I've seen on tv and film in recent times.


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Don't get me wrong, it's still generally a very solid fillum aside from those last cpl of minutes and my (invisible) rating of it reflects that

You really are sitting on the fence with those (invisible) ratings.
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Angel On My Shoulder (1946) - Begins brightly but can't maintain the same level and drags too much

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Besetment (B+): Amanda is looking for a new job so she can eventually stop living with her alcoholic mother. She finds a job as the new coworker at a small town's motel. She soon discovers her new boss and boss' son have sinister things in mind. Really shocking at times with a great performance from veteran actress Marlyn Mason as the evil motel owner.

Camera Obscura (B+): Jake, a former war photographer suffering from PTSD, is given a vintage camera from his fiancee to help him regain his passion for taking photos. However, when he learns that the photographs show imminent deaths, he goes even into a further downward spiral when he learns his fiancee is the next victim, forcing him to go to great lengths to save her. A really good directorial debut from Aaron B. Koontz, a self-confessed horror film fan, who meshes a few subgenres in the horror film to craft an interesting storyline all driven by a great performance by lead actor Christopher Denham.

Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie (A): I took my kids to see this and we all were cracking up. Kevin Hart and Thomas Middleditch were great as George and Harold, breaking the fourth wall on a few occasions with Ed Helms being hysterical as the titular Captain Underpants and his alter ego, Principal Grubb. Nick Kroll gives ample support as villain Professor Poopypants and I didn't even know Jordan Peele was in the film as the very annoying suckup Melvin. Fun family film...could see a sequel in the midst.
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Live By Night (2017)

For those who like her and haven't seen "Olive Kitteridge" (4 part mini series) - I would strongly recommend it. Her and Richard Jenkins give some of the most amazing screen chemistry I've seen on tv and film in recent times
I loved Olive Kitteridge. Then I read the book & it's also good.

Stripes 9/10

I really liked TWITW. I think I'm about the only one here who does! I do agreed with what you've said though.
Well, there are at least two of us... I loved this movie. Robinson, Bennett and Duryea at their finest, along with a nice part for the great Raymond Massey. It has one of my most favorite endings to a movie.

Unfortunately it was followed up with the same trio in Scarlet Street, which was a dud...


Inherent Vice (2014) -

Unrelated note - 100 films watched this year!!

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To be fair, you have to have a fairly high IQ to understand MovieForums.com.

Rings (2017) 6/10 it just didn't get me as the first one.
Wow pretty high score I barely gave it one star!
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Chappie (2015)

It was funny and entertaining. A cross between Short Circuit and RoboCop. A few characters were amusing. Once I realized it wasn't a kids movie, I gave it a try. I wasn't up for another WALL-E. The swear count was high. Not enough gore. Robots were pretty cool.
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Captain America: Civil War (2016)

I wasn't convinced that the next Captain America could match The Winter Soldier but this one really does equal it. It's almost a new Avengers movie with quite a few of the heroes showing up, but when you break it down it's a three-way fight between Caps, Iron Man, and The Winter Soldier (Bucky). The collateral damage and deaths brought about by the Avengers fighting earth-threatening bad guys across the globe has brought the U.N. to mandate a law that will bring them under the U.N.'s heel. Tony Stark (Iron Man) is for this, Captain America not. Then comes the Civil War of the title, which only really comes about when Bucky is accused of bombing a U.N. meeting. Then it's all-out battle, with new heroes brought in to help; Ant-Man on one side, Spider-Man on the other. Plus, T'Challa, the Black Panther, is there with his own agenda: to get revenge for the death of someone at the bombing. Lots of super action and surprisingly quite a bit of humor, with great action set-pieces, including a terrific chase between Bucky, Black Panther, and Iron Man through a traffic tunnel. But Captain America's divided loyalties between Tony and Bucky is really what's at the heart of this story and it's filled in seamlessly with all the action. Great addition to the ongoing adventures of the the superheroes.

Appaloosa (2008)

Terrific Western starring Ed Harris, Viggo Mortensen, and Renιe Zellweger. Ed and Viggo are traveling companions who ride the West searching for towns that are plagued by lawlessness and get hired as lawmen to clean up these towns. They come to the town of the title and set about stopping bad guy Jeremy Irons and his men from destroying people's lives. Harris does a fine job of directing, with an equal portion of action and equal parts of characterization. As long as the two buddies have been together, Zellweger threatens their peacekeeping ways when Harris falls for her. Very good movie with twists and turns. Recommended.

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The Terminator

(James Cameron)

It's hard to say something about a film that everyone has seen and most love. The Terminator is a sci/fi classic that catapulted James Cameron's career. Spitting out numerous sequels, Cameron started a franchise and made one of the biggest movie action stars of all-time with Schwarzenegger.

In 1984, a cyborg from 2029, known as The Terminator arrives with one purpose and one purpose only; KILL SARAH CONNOR. The resistance from 2029 sends back their best soldier to stop the machine and save her life. Why? She is the mother of John Connor, who will one day rise up and lead the resistance against the machines who have taken over the world.

One of the bigger questions to ask is; "does this film still hold-up by today's standards"? With the exception of a few effects shots, the answer is absolutely yes. The Terminator is basically one giant chase film and Cameron stages every set pieces beautifully. The best example of his talents are when the Terminator and Kyle Reese first meet Sarah Connor in Tech Noir, the dance club. Breaking down that scene showcases the amount of creative talent Cameron has, every shot has a purpose, every action is justified and the repetitive machine like music heightens the tension beautifully. I love the shot of Sarah bending over to pick something up just as the Terminator walks by in the crowd. Everything in that scene builds towards chaos, which then explodes onto the screen.

Michael Biehn plays Kyle Reese, the soldier sent back to protect Sarah Connor, played by Linda Hamilton. I was wondering if I was going to believe them sleeping together this time around and you know what, I did. While the sex scene itself is pure 80's cheese, everything else that led up to it felt genuine to me. It helps that Biehn gives an unhinged, yet compelling performance of a soldier suffering from PTSD. He literally just went through time for crying out loud. When we first meet him, he looks like he barely survived the trip, which is a drastic change from the calm and collected Terminator who came before. These two scene show the uphill battle that Reese faces. Hamilton at first is the damsel, but gradually over time we see her slowly becoming the woman she is the in the sequel.

Cameron gives us a few flashbacks/flashforwards (however you want to perceive time) to the war. The first sets up the war itself, showing us our inevitable future. The second gives us a glimpse of how well trained and skillful Reese is as a soldier, giving us hope that he might be able to take on this machine. Finally the last one involves Reese and the photo of Sarah Connor, which cements the love he has for her and thus creating the paradox timeline of who's my daddy.

Those effects shots I mentioned, involves the Terminator, self operating on himself in a mirror. It's jarring to see shots where we know it is Arnold and others where we know it is a prop. It kind of works in a weird way because we know he isn't real, but the effect takes you out of the film no matter what. Overall though, this film is thrilling and showcases Cameron's talents as an entertaining filmmaker.
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It kind of works in a weird way because we know he isn't real, but the effect takes you out of the film no matter what.
This scene does almost the same thing.

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Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit -

Gromit really is one of the best silent characters ever created.
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.