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I always wondered about that. It was banned here.

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Journey Into Fear (1942)

This is an espionage type noir, and although I don't know the whole story, it appears to be another movie that Orson Welles lost final say on. I didn't think it was anything special, but it's an easy sub 70 minute watch. It's always nice to see star Joseph Cotten, and also Welles who has a supporting role. The movie looks great as well.

West Side Story (1961)

The Man Who Wasn't There (2001) -

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This is a movie I can always go back to and still feel entertained every time I watch it. I was always fascinated with Egyptology and this I understand was probably not based on fact it just enjoyable to watch. The actors I thought were picked well for the roles and were all believable and did a great job of embracing their characters. One thing I am still confused about is that is the Stargate an alternative universe or is it a time travel device as they seem to be in Egypt or was it a civilization that was introduced by the alien's to Egypt. Anyway always a solid film I can watch and not be disappointed.

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Doctor Strange (2016)

What the ...??? How the ...??? Who the ...??? I don't really know what happened. What did I just watch? It was strange, I'll give 'em that. Didn't care for Mikkelsen or McAdams in this one. I know nothing about this superhero, but I do know how to make a circle with a sparkler. It was easier for me to grasp the Ant-Man storyline. I don't really know what to think. I'll try not to trash what I really don't get and have no interest in, by giving it a fair 3/5.The talking head in space was weak. Cumberbatch and Swinton were pretty good. Though, I think I'd prefer a standalone film about the Vision.
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Norman: The Moderate Rise and Tragic Fall of a New York Fixer (2017)


A truly wonderful film. The writing, plot, and structure are all fantastic. It is a politically charged film, and an intriguing, very relevant one at that, but never overwhelmingly so that it distracts from the fact that it is also a character study, and god, Richard Gere just knocks it out of the park, not only is it the best performance I've seen all year, but one of the best of the decade if you ask me. He plays a charismatic guy that talks so frequently, and has so many connections, yet you don't know a single thing about him, all you get is what Gere displays on screen through the performance. Sometimes he's infuriatingly pushy, sometimes he's tender, and helpful. I bounced back with this character so much, trying to figure out if I pitied him, if I felt sympathetic, sometimes even outraged. Even when his motivations, and true feelings are a bit more clear at the end of the film, this guy is still an enigma, and you have the writer, the Gere both to thank for creating this truly moving character, it's quite the combo.

Sometimes the film distracts with some of the more experimental choices the director makes, mostly visual wise, that intrigues, but sometimes feels out of place. But, other than that, I can confidently say this my favorite film I've watch this year so far, and it'd be criminal if Richard Gere doesn't get any recognition from this one.

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I always wondered about that. It was banned here.
It's a porn film with stupid characters, poor acting and some weak "violence"...
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Trainspotting 2 - 6/10

Self-references are one thing, but there were way too many time fillers... Put on a horrible song, and watch slow-mo for 5 minutes... The story wasn't as interesting as the last one, but it's a should-see for anyone who saw Trainspotting (9/10) so I'll be a little tough on this one, knowing the potential.

The Hudsucker Proxy (1994)

Coen brothers movie about Wall Street stock manipulation, journalism and yuppie's rise to power.

White House Down (2013)

Unofficial "Die Hard" sequel.

Heaven Knows What (2014)

Realistic portrayal of heroin addicts life on the streets.

Trainspotting 2 (2017)

Great sequel with sense of nostalgia which satisfyingly expanded on life and characters of first instalment 20 years ago. For fans of first Trainspotting it is essential viewing.

The LEGO Batman Movie (2017)

"Deadpool" style humor, so I didn't like it.

Table 19 (2017)

Enjoyable comedy about least essential wedding table.

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This movie bored the crap out of me...Best Picture over Goodfellas? Really?
Go figure, and I actually went out of my way to pick up the 4-hour TV version.

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This movie bored the crap out of me...Best Picture over Goodfellas? Really?
I loved it and I loved Goodfellas.

Either would have been worthy winners.
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