Does Anyone Know the Name of This Movie


A few years ago, someone who went by the name ErbaKnight (who used his real name, Nicholson Lawrence, to post the video) posted a video on youtube of one of his songs, but used scenes from a movie to make the video. I think it's Japanese, and seems to be about some guy who breaks out of prison, but I'm not the best at explaining it. The video was called "The Legend of Swaggie Jones"

Any help with naming the movie would be greatly appreciated

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Can you link or copy paste a URL to the video or provide any actual info as to what took place in the movie scenes the artist used to fashion the video? Any info that can be provided based on that would be a great help, as without a link we can't even be certain as to which video is the one in question, you dig?
"Kiri Kiri Kiri"