How many a night?


I have watched one film tonight and I am currently on my second. Due to staying in bed until 3pm today however I am not that tired so it is likely I will watch more films than I normally do so I will likely end up watching three or four films.

How many do you normally watch in one night?
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Watched 4 already today... might watch before The Devil Knows You're Dead later... if not there will more than likely be another film on.

Movies are like my TV.

I rarely have TV channels on in the background unless it's Family Guy or The Simpsons... it's usually a film that's being aired, something I recorded on the DVR or a DVD.

Basically my movie count per day is however many movies you can fit into 15-18 hours.
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Tuesday & Wednesday watch 2 per day while commuting to study and then 1 at home.

Thursday & Friday I work so don't watch any.

Saturday to Monday I'm home so usually watch about 4 per day (we don't watch TV shows - just movies)

Recently been on holidays from studying and I got chicken pox so watched about 7 per day

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Whenever im watching TV its usually a movie except for my shows (always sunny, game of thrones,family guy,workaholics ect)

This allows me to repeatedly watch movies to ingrain them in my mind lol. People think im crazy for how many times ive seen a single movie but alas i love cinema and the more i like a movie the more i watch it.

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When I am on holidays, I can maybe average one every couple of days or maybe even one a day. Other than that, a couple a week, at best.

I try to get around one movie a day if I am lucky, sometimes more and sometimes less, but today, I have watched Let Me In, Rush, and am planning on watching You're Next, Bad Grandpa, and some other horror-movie that my aunt rented.
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i can watch maybe 2 max.

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I tend to watch around 2 movies per week. I used to watch 2 a night back when I had a little time, now I have a 2 year old son running about its alot harder.

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I watch 1 filmevery night when i dont have much else to do.

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Depends... But the average would be one on any given evening, and perhaps 2-3 on weekend days and nights.
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I normally only watch one, probs should only watch one a night. Most Ive watched in an entire day is 4 probs