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hot shots part dueax. DEFINATELY. did i spell dueax right?

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hot shots part dueax. DEFINATELY. did i spell dueax right?
Nope. You didn't spell "definitely" right, either.


DEUX. You've got an extra "a" floating around there.

Do you mean the bit in the first Hot Shots!, where they're playing with the food? That's a parody of Mickey Rourke and Kim Bassinger fooling around in front of the refrigerator in 91/2 Weeks (1986).
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Fragment. Fragment. Un-capitalized letter at the beginning of your sentence--Austruck is watching you know.

Anyway, welcome PJ, I'm just playin' with ya(I'm just as bad)!
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As for what I consider the best sex scene (in non-porno), definitely the coupling that Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie do in Nic Roeg's creepy thriller Don't Look Now (1973).

The scene is fairly graphic, even by today's standards, especially considering they were both big stars at the time. Not only is the scene passionate and steamy, but Roeg edits it very interestingly, cross-cutting between the sweaty coitus (filmed with both actors rolling around quite convincingly completely naked in good daylight) and the mundanity of getting dressed for an evening out afterward.

This won't be a horrible spoiler as the incident happens in the opening moments of the film, but their young daughter dies, and this love scene comes not long afterward in the narrative, as they have moved to Venice, Italy for the Sutherland character's work. The sex scene, as hot as it is, reveals a good deal about these people quickly, showing how strong their bond still is when they can allow themselves to momentarily let go of the tragedy, but in the bits of them dressing revealing how they supress not only their passion but their grief as much as possible in their day-to-day activities. This is all very important, and shows why they're susceptible to the strange supernatural prophecy and disturbing visions they will soon experience.

Great, incredibly sexy scene, but also intregal to the plot and characters.

Last Tango in Paris and the silk scarf/icepick one in Basic Instinct.
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well not everyone can be a spelling bee champion. some nice choices though and now that i think of it i want to change mine but i forget what movie its from. Its clint eastwood (old clint eastwood) who plays a secret service agent who falls for the lady hes protecting or his boss or something and its a film by wolfgang peterson i THINK. In the scene they have the camera dollie along with the two lovers as they make their way to the bed and they start dropping all their secret service equipment. guns fall, ammo, cuffs, all that stuff which was parodied in the naked gun trilogy. Oh and the girl hes making love with im pretty sure is the girl from tin cup. Any help with the title?

Yeah, that's the "old" movie In the Line of Fire, from waaaaay back in 1993. And yes, the female agent Clint's character is about to get it on with there (though they are interrupted before they can consumate, and Eastwood grumbles about having to put "all that stuff" back on) is indeed Ms. Rene Russo.

Good, funny scene, parodying the common convention in love scenes from the '50s and into the '60s where the camera would follow discarded articles of clothing on the floor, to find the lovers in bed, usually post-coitus. It's done very well in Sidney Lumet's underrated caper flick The Anderson Tapes (1971) with the love scene between Connery and Dyan Cannon.

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interesting, and i meant old clint eastwood as in, at that time, he was crossing the border between old and old fart. I'm a big sidney lumet fan and i havent seen that one yet, ill check it out.

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interesting, and i meant old clint eastwood as in, at that time, he was crossing the border between old and old fart. I'm a big sidney lumet fan and i havent seen that one yet, ill check it out.

Jude Law and what's her face in Enemy at the Gates, a very underrated film, and tragic kind of a sex scene because they have to do it next to everyone and not wake up or alert the dude doing the rounds

Last Tango in Paris but that's already been said

Audrey Tautou in Amelie when she is just lying there with that odd little smile on her face, acting like nothing is happening as that one dude drills her.

Malcom McDowell and the two chicks in fast motion in A Clockwork Orange

hmm all I can think of at the moment
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a clockwork orange! dammit! i shoulda picked that one. But that sex scene in enemy at the gates i did not agree with. It was so unnecesary, yes it was interesting that they had to do it sandwiched between two snoring russians, but they could have skipped about 3 minutes and just cut to the next scene. Plus whats-her-face looks like a duck.

i go with tetsuo the iron man, the drill scene and the vacuum hose scene.
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Wild Things, Neve Campbell and Denise Richards.. That was a terrific scene, even though you didn't get to see the sex.

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hmmmm.......I sit and I think.....hmmm......josh darn it...I really can't think of a fav. but I did want to ask mr. joker if he be the one from "empire" I saw.
hmmmmm......still can't think of one....I'll get you back....when my brain isn't stuck in black nightmare goop.
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I read a report about this recently in Rough Cut:

According to Playboy TV, the ten best sex scenes in movies are:

10. EYES WIDE SHUT (1999) - Nicole Kidman / Tom Cruise
9. AN OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN (1981) - Richard Gere / Debra Winger
8. AUSTIN POWERS 2 (1999) - Mindy Sterling / Mike Myers
7. BODY OF EVIDENCE (1992) - Madonna / Willem Dafoe
6. 8 MILE (2002) - Eminem / Brittany Murphy
5. BASIC INSTINCT (1992) - Sharon Stone / Michael Douglas
4. 9 1/2 WEEKS (1985) - Mickey Rourke / Kim Basinger
3. THE POSTMAN ALWAYS RINGS TWICE (1981) - Jessica Lange / Jack Nicholson
2. DON'T LOOK NOW (1973) - Donald Sutherland / Julie Christie
1. MONSTER'S BALL (2001) - Halle Berry / Billy Bob Thornton

and if you're interested, Total Film's five worst film sex scenes are:

1. The Matrix Reloaded (2003) Keanu Reeves / Carrie-Anne Moss
2. Showgirls (1995) - Elizabeth Berkeley / Kyle McLachlan
3. Top Gun (1986) - Tom Cruise / Kelly McGillis
4. Daredevil (2003) - Ben Affleck / Jennifer Garner
5. The Specialist (1994) - Sharon Stone / Sylvester Stallone
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Wild Things, Neve Campbell and Denise Richards.. That was a terrific scene, even though you didn't get to see the sex.
HELL YEAH......!!!!!
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How about Kevin Spacey and Chris Cooper in American Beauty

Ps. That's a joke, by the way.

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