What Is The Most Disturbing Film?


What is the most disturbing movie, overall, that you have seen? I apologize if this topic has been explored recently.

The choices can be ultra-violent or gory. They can be emotionally harrowing. It can be a movie filled with unsettling images. Anything that shocks your senses.

In all seriousness, I would have to say I haven't seen too many films that have done this to me. Maybe because it takes a lot to shock me, to unnerve me. Many of the films I have seen in this category would be flicks I saw when I was young and impressionable. Here goes:

1) Salem's Lot- this movie scared the pee outta me when I was a mere 11 yrs old.

2) Dead and Buried- see above

3) Dawn of the Dead- although this movie is one of my faves, and I currently see it as an action/adventure flick above all else, this was the first zombie movie I saw. The effects were a little delayed, but I felt them nonetheless upon my first viewing.

4) Bad Lieutenant- just an in your face examination of a man self-destructing within the grip of drugs, gambling, and prostitution.

5) Eraserhead- eerie, eerie, eerie. Strange beyond words, and extremely unsettling.

If I think of any others, I will post them later.

Incidentally, Requiem For a Dream didn't bother me that much. I thought Aranofsky's camera tricks and MTV-style imagery took the sting out of the many heroin shoot-ups during the film. Overall, it was a good film, though. Not great. The spartan brilliance of Thornton would have turned that same premise into an unwatchable nightmare.

Honorable mention: The scene in the newer version of Lord of the Flies, when Piggie gets crushed by the boulder, is extremely disturbing. And very realistic. Does anyone remember that scene?

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+Schindler's List, especially disturbing watching it as a Jew.
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Probably Natural Born Killers. However, I have seen a lot of weird movies since then, and it probably wouldn't be the most disturbing if I were to watch it for the first time now.

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Kids. Hands down, Kids.

Jay Silent Bob Strike Back

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If you EVER see this movie - be prepared for wierdness and horror. It was not intended as a horror film but had the same affect on me by the end.

It's basically a retelling of fact - I can't remember the name exactly but it's called "Sisters" or something, and they made it look all sexy in the video store. Old flick, made in the 80s or something. British, I do believe.

Basically, it's the late 1800s or some such, early 1900s. Turn of the century. Two sisters, very poor, must work and give all their money to care for their mother. The premise is class structure - how dehumanized and tortured the working/lower classes were by the upper classes. You see this basically affect the two young women. The video made it sexy because they were trying sell it I guess - the sisters are incestual at one point, but it's not even a focus of the movie.

The end is very intense and f*cking freaked my mind. I don't even want to tell you, it was just - so unexpected, and so WRONG, and so real and so scary and ... the terrible thing is, the entire story is TRUE.
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ew. I hate those kinds of movies, makes me feel all icky inside. Chainsaw Massacre was this way, and Eraserhead. The skateboard scene in Kids was horrible; so were all the sex scenes.

The most disturbing movies I have ever seen are:

1) American History X
2) Requiem for a Dream

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The trailer for that movie (even though it was budget-as) was pretty freaky as well!

What's more disturbing is the true story of the guy (Ed Gein or something like that) that the movie was based on. Even though it was radically different to what the movie was like (there was no chainsaw what so ever involved, and it was only one guy who, not three).

From what I've read, and from what I can imagine, I believe Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer would be very, very high on the list.

I almost rented this the other day, having wanted to almost see it for some time now.

I just keep getting the feeling that there is nothing redeeming about this film.

What do you all think?

I Spit on Your Grave (1978 - Meir Zarchi).

SalÚ, or the 120 Days of Sodom (1975 - Pier Paolo Pasolini)

Freaks (1932 - Tod Browning)

Requiem for a Dream (2000 - Darren Aroinofsky)

Glitter (2001 - Vondie Curtis-Hall)
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Freaks wasn't disturbing. It was just a little creepy.
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Holden, you actually saw Glitter? Shoulda known, man.

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Sadie, you don't have to see Glitter to know it's disturbing.

I can't think of any disturbing films off the top of my head.
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Braveheart was disturbing when I first saw it. I'm used to it now, though. The Relic was pretty much the first gorey movie I ever saw without looking away...so that was a little disturbing.

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Fight Club was diturbing. Can't say my stomach wasn't a little queasy.

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it was diturbing to me. I'm not very warmhearted towards guys getting the sh*t kicked out of them like that...s'okay if you are, though.

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WHA!? You live in California and are not familiar with men beating the sh*t out of each other???

I guess it has it's moments when it gets downright graphic, but those are small moments.

I'm sure that this is dealing with movies that are all-around disturbing.

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Originally posted by spudracer

I'm sure that this is dealing with movies that are all-around disturbing.
You're reminding me of someone...hmmmm...the name escapes me right at this moment...but it's this guy that tries to make people feel stupid for their choices...

Fight Club was disturbing TO ME. The end.