Have you ever met any actors?


I've mentioned this elsewhere, but I once had a nice, if brief, chat with Patrick Stewart about football (soccer) back when his club Huddersfield Town were in the Premier League.

The only one I've met was Bruce Campbell, at a convention several years back. My friend bought me the VIP ticket where I got to meet him, get an autograph, and get my photo with him. He seemed really cool and friendly, though he was getting paid for it so it would be weird if he didn't act that way.

The next closest thing was like 20 years ago when I went to a concert for 30 Odd Foot of Grunts - Russell Crowe's band at the time. It was... an experience. It was at a tiny venue in San Francisco. There were several acts to the concert. First was an aboriginal in a loin cloth dancing to a recording of a didgeridoo. Then a comedian. Then Crowe's (now ex) wife doing a set of her songs. Then Crowe's band. He was drunk when he got on stage and proceeded to get even more wasted during the performance. He still sounded good and put on an entertaining show. In between all the different acts they blasted Men At Work's "Land Down Under" at near deafening volume.

Marina Sirtis and Michael Dorn at one fanfest. Jonathan Frakes and Brent Spiner at another. Really nice, down to earth people, all of them.
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Met Sean Connery when I was 17. He was a dick. Changed the way I thought about celebrities forever.

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Not actors, and didn't meet them, but I did see a bus full of sumo wrestlers get off of a bus. I've watched sumo, and they all look pretty big and fat on the TV. In reality, most were shorter than me, and didn't look nearly as fat as they do on TV. Then, I saw musashimaru squeeze himself sideways off of the bus, and I was like.... The man was a mountain!!!! How he managed to not simply pick his opponents up and throw them out of the sumo ring with one hand makes me wonder if it's even a real sport.

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I have met and spoken with many bands, singers, actors/writers/directors, and athletes. I suppose it's open to interpretation how many are all that "famous" to the general public, especially nowadays. The one person I accidentally spent the most time with and had a blast was Ray Bradbury. Back in the '70s/'80s, FILMEX (the defunct Film Exposition of Los Angeles) had a yearly 50-hour movie marathon. I went to several of these, including the ones for horror, western, Oscar-winning Best Pictures and Sci-Fi. It was at the Sci-Fi marathon that I decided to go to the rest room during Close Encounters of the Third Kind. I had already seen the film 20 times earlier at the theatre, so it was OK; I was only going to be gone for a minute. Well, when I walked back into the back of the auditorium (back in the day of big theatres, so I was at least 15 feet from the nearest seat), I recognized this guy with glasses standing in the back. I immediately said, "Hello, Mr. Bradbury." He said hello back. I said that I thought we were watching a terrific movie, and he proceeded to explain to me, in personal detail, what it meant to him. We stayed back in the back, standing and quietly talking to each other about his own work, Spielberg, It Came From Outer Space, UFOs, God, Moby Dick, etc., but the amazing thing was that we kept making comments about Close Encounters while we discussed everything else. If anything, I believe that he loved it more than I did. Oh, one other thing if you don't know; Ray Bradbury had no qualms about swearing at all. :

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The summer I worked in Disney World when I was in college I took a dance class with Chita Rivera. I also participated in an acting workshop with Estelle Parsons. The night I attended a performance of the Bob Fosse musical Dancin, I walked up the aisle during intermission and Roy Scheider was leaning against the back wall. He was watching the show as part of his research for his upcoming role as Joe Gideon in All that Jazz, I leaned up against the wall and told him I was a big fan, naming every movie on his resume,. which seemed to impress him. Another night on Broadway I attended a performance of a female version of The Odd Couple starring Sally Struthers as Felicia and Rita Moreno as Olive. I was waiting at the stage door for the stars to come out. Struthers came out first dressed like a 20 dollar hooker, ignored everyone standing there and jumped into a limo. Rita Moreno came out a few minutes later carrying a basket of laundry. She put her laundry down and spent about 20 minutes signing playbills, and then said, "I have to do my laundry now" and started walking down the street. When it hit me that she was actually walking to a laundromat and I ran and caught up with her and offered to carry her laundry for her and got to talk to her for 20 minutes on myriad subjects like West Side Story. I also met Liza Minnelli and Joel Grey in Denver when they were touring the country after Cabaret. I actually shook Liza's hand.

Yes I’ve met a few. Was not overly impressed by any one of them. They are just average people with average to below average intelligence in most cases. Not much special about actors tbh. No disrespect toward them. it’s just the reality that the term “superstar” is an illusion.

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Kate Hudson walked into me while filming Bride Wars. We practically bumped crotches

I was friends with a MLB pitcher, not quite a household name but pitched in a World Series. It was insane how people treated him. We would show up late at bars and they would just keep them open as long as we stayed. A lot of jealous dudes out there as well.

My wife met Anthony Michael Hall, he tried picking her up at a club just before we met.

We met Sally Jesse Raphael when she was on her show.

I've posted about talking to the late Richard Hatch (of Battlestar Galactica) at a comic con where I attended as someone behind the table as opposed to being a ticket buyer...
So I'll just copy and paste it from an old thread...

I went up to actor Richard Hatch (I wasn't the type to wait in line to talk to a celebrity) - so when his line cleared I approached - he looked bored & slightly frustrated, and I could tell he was thinking, "Oh no - here comes another adult fan-boy with a question about Battlestar Galactica."
I asked him, "Did you get to meet Jan Berry when you played him in Dead Man's Curve?"
And his face just lit up in a smile that only said "relief." He got very animated because he wasn't expecting this question and we had a nice long conversation about the movie and Jan & Dean (and yes, he met and worked with Jan Berry on the film and tried to copy his speech & mannerisms after the singer's awful car accident for the movie.)

No, but want to meet Tom Hardy!